Making or setting up a hanging basket garden can allow anyone to have their own garden, may it be an herb garden, indoor herb garden, flower garden, fruit garden, etc. Hanging basket gardens do not occupy large spaces, in fact, it may actually not occupy any space at all, since it can be hanged practically anywhere. The very first step in making your own hanging basket garden is to choose the right kind of hanging basket since there are many different types of hanging baskets. One type of hanging basket that has been many gardeners favorite is the wire hanging basket.

Wire Hanging Basket

Wire Hanging Basket with Coconut Liner

Wire hanging basket has been loved by many people since it is not just very light in weight and durable, wire hanging basket can also be very great as a decorative piece. Wire hanging baskets can easily be modified to fit in with its current surroundings and it can even display an abundance of different colors and textures in a very limited space. The way how you are going to set up all the wire hanging basket’s contents and how you are going to arrange the plants when planting them will greatly affect how your hanging basket garden will look like, either pleasant to the eyes or totally the opposite, an eyesore.

Materials Needed

Before starting a hanging basket garden, you have to get hold of all necessary materials, such as:

Steps in Making a Wire Hanging Basket Garden

  1. In a wire hanging basket, coconut liner or sphagnum moss liner are commonly used. Line the wire hanging basket with a basket liner of choice and make sure that the basket lining used can create a firm lining and it will appear neat.
  2. Once the basket liner is properly in place, you can now start to fill your wire hanging basket with potting mix just until an inch from the top-most portion of the rim.
  3. You can now start transferring plants to your hanging basket. Make sure that the tallest plant or herb will be placed at the centermost portion of your hanging basket and the shortest ones at the outermost portion. This will ensure that all plants planted on the hanging basket can equally receive sunlight.
  4. Soak the wire hanging basket thoroughly with water and allow your basket to dry. Once the soil has dried out, check if some of the areas of the soil changed. If yes, you can add more soil on the basket, making sure that all the roots of your plants are well-covered. Once you have covered everything, you can again water your hanging basket and hang it on your preferred location and you are DONE!