Choosing the right basket liner for your hanging basket herb garden may be quite challenging if you do not have any basic knowledge about hanging basket gardening or if you are still an amateur gardener. However, there is nothing to worry. There are preformed hanging basket garden liners that you can easily purchase practically anywhere and if you wish, you can make your own basket liner. Everything will be a lot easier in choosing a hanging basket garden if you just know the exact size of your hanging basket garden and your herbs’ or plants’ needs.

Preformed Wood Fiber Liner

Preformed Wood Fiber Liner

Choosing a basket liner that can contribute to a beautiful appearance can really be an advantage. Preformed wood fiber liner can give a reasonable appearance that can make any hanging basket herb garden pleasing to the eyes.  Aside from giving a reasonable appearance to any hanging basket garden, preformed wood fiber liner is also very well in holding compost. Another advantage when you choose to use preformed wood fiber liner is that it can be reusable if you plan on disposing your herbs at end of every season, just as long as you handle your preformed wood fiber liner with care.

Disadvantages of Preformed Wood Fiber Liner

In every choice we make, we need to outweigh both advantages and disadvantages. Same goes to when choosing the right hanging basket liner for your hanging basket garden. Things mentioned earlier are only advantages of preformed wood fiber liner, but what about the liner’s disadvantages? One of the common disadvantage when using the preformed wood fiber liner is that it can makes planting herbs and other plants through the sides of the basket (making it look like a ball effect of hanging basket herb garden).

Other Types of Basket Liners for your Hanging Basket Liner

Aside from preformed wood fiber liner, there are still a lot of different basket liners that you can choose from. Here are some of the common basket liners that can be used for your hanging basket herb garden.

  • Angel MossAngel moss is made from sphagnum moss that is the most common material used in making a basket liner. This type of basket liner can be expensive and can be hard for amateur gardeners to handle. However, this type of basket liner can easily blend with various plants even if plants are just planted.
  • Coconut Liner – The coconut basket liner can easily be made by anyone. This type of basket liner is very affordable and it is also very good in holding moisture, which can really be beneficial to your hanging basket herb garden.