What Is Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

Vertical indoor herb garden which is also called living wall, is a wonderful solution for the people who don’t have outdoor space for gardening and planting herbs. The herbs of vertical indoor herb garden are grown vertically. A botanist from France whose name is Patric Blanc introduced the concept of vertical gardening. Patric Blanc is now considered to be the king of the world of vertical gardening. The indoor vertical gardening gives the herbs to thrive in indoor small spaces. The concept of indoor vertical gardening was introduced for the maximum ease of gardeners. If you are fond of gardening and you haven’t got outdoor space for growing plants, then, you may always go for indoor vertical gardening, which now-a-days has become very popular.

Steps In Making Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

  • Vertical indoor herb garden doesn’t require much space. All you need is an empty indoor wall for hanging your indoor herb garden.
  • There are so many herbs which are able to grow well in vertical indoor gardens, always try to select those herbs that can grow indoors like parsley, lemon grass, chives and mint.
  • While making vertical indoor garden, you need small beds. You need to remain careful until the system of roots of herbs that are very small fits your soil bed.
  • Always try to hang your vertical herb garden near the window where it can receive good sunlight.
  • After doing all these steps, you no longer need to worry because your herbs will start growing sooner than your expectations

Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

Benefits Of Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

  • Vertical indoor herb garden provides home gardeners a way through which they can grow herbs very neatly.
  • Vertical indoor herb gardening doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • While dealing with vertical herb garden, gardeners are not troubled by garden pests and weeds.
  • In vertical indoor herb garden, each row of herb bed receives same amount of sunlight and in this way they all grow equally with uniformity.
  • Apart from sunlight, some vertical indoor herb gardens increase their tiered orientation by letting water trickle down from upper compartments to lower compartments.
  • The presence of herbs in your rooms or indoors purifies your surrounding air, and makes you feel refreshing.

Herbs That You May Grow In Your Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

The variety of herbs that you select to plant in your indoor vertical garden depends upon your taste. If you like Asian herbs, then you can opt for mints, coriander and lemon grass. If you like to cook Italian food they you can grow basil, garlic and oregano in your vertical indoor herb garden. Always keep in your mind that there are some herbs that are perennial and some are biennial, you don’t need to replace perennial herbs with seeds. Whereas, biennial herbs are replaced with their seeds after one or two years. By using small seeds and plants you will not only save money but also enjoy growing your herbs from the scratch.

Watering The Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

The panels of vertical indoor herb garden could be watered by the drip system or just by your hand. Slotted cells of vertical indoor garden allow flow of water from one cell to another. Water trickles down from one cell to another cell; this ensures the provision of water to each cell of vertical indoor garden. It is recommended to water the vertical indoor garden slowly and with very low pressure because you may damage your herbs by watering them with pressure. Wait for around five minutes after watering the herbs once and then repeat the same action of watering.