One of the most famous uses of herbs is for cooking. Herbs used in cooking will not only enhance and give extra flavor to any of your favorite recipes, it can also give health benefits for you and your whole family to gain. Even if herbs are very useful and contain a lot of different health benefits, it is not a problem when growing your very own herb garden at home. Herbs can even survive and thrive easily when planted in an indoor herb garden. Having your own indoor herb garden with herbs for cooking will not just give you easy accessibility to all your herbs for use, you will also be able to save a lot of money since you do not have to buy fresh herbs in the supermarket everytime you need it for cooking.

Hanging Basket Herb Garden

Hanging Basket Herb Garden for the Kitchen

There are several different ways on how you are going to make your indoor herb garden design. There are some indoor herb gardens that require big spaces, however, there are also some indoor herb gardens that do not occupy too much space, such as a hanging basket herb garden. All you have to do is find an empty ceiling space in your kitchen, where you can install a hook or a material that can support the weight (basket, soil, water, and herbs) of your hanging baste herb garden.

Location for Your Hanging Basket Herb Garden

It is very essential to find an area where you are going to hang your basket herb garden to somewhere sunny. Most herbs require at least 5 hours of sunlight exposure for it to grow and survive healthily. You can place your hanging basket near a sunny kitchen window for it to receive not only the right amount of sun exposure, but it can also receive fresh hair from the outside. Enough sunlight exposure of your hanging basket herb garden can also help in keeping your soil not wet, which is healthy for all your herbs. Watering needs will greatly depend on the sunlight exposure of your hanging basket herb garden.

Tips for Caring a Hanging Basket Herb Garden

Maintaining a hanging basket herb garden is not as complicated as other herb garden design. Even though hanging basket herb gardens are not on the ground, there is still a possibility for pest infestation. You need to check your hanging basket herb garden regularly, let’s say every single day, for any signs of pest infestation. Early detection of any pest infestation can save your entire herb garden, since you can take prompt action in exterminating the problem.