How To Get Fresh Herbs At Home?

The flavors added by herb in the food makes it tempting and delicious to eat, but have you considered anything about creating an indoor herb garden. If yes, then you have made an excellent and wise decision. Indoor herb garden not only provides you with free herbs at home but also adds a green effect to your interiors. Fresh herbs have their own essence and definitely having them right at your kitchen can be very conservative too. You don’t have to rush to supermarkets to buy the expensive herbs. This saves you money and time. So isn’t it good to have your own indoor herb garden?

How You Can Start With The Creation Of An Indoor Herb Garden?

Indoor Herb Garden Plants

Now that you are familiar with the ‘why’ you need herb garden indoors, let’s focus on how you can create an indoor herb garden. To begin with, you’ll need set of equipment to help you plant herb seeds. You will require:

  • A container with a hole at the base
  • Good fertile plotting soil
  • Herb seeds (Get some kitchen herbs like parsley, oregano or rosemary)
  • Water

Once you have the above mentioned things, you can start by sowing the seed in the container filled with the fertile potting soil and then water it. Within two weeks you will see the roots coming out and slowly and steadily you can see the full growth of herbs, ready for you to use and make your food items delicious.

Why Not Make Your Morning Tea Delicious With Indoor Herb Garden?

Well this was to make you familiar with how you can begin with indoor herb garden. But you now must be curious to know if there are any more good herbs that you can grow inside. Well yes, one of my favorite is growing tea herbs that provide many medicinal benefits. Tea forms the most essential part of our morning life, in my opinion mornings are best started with the best taste of tea. There are twelve most common tea seeds which are grown in plenty by the herbal tea gardeners. Out of these twelve tea seeds, there are more than hundred type of different tea that can be made out of their root, leaves and berries. To make your work easier and less complicated, you can buy tea herb garden kits from online stores. They aid you in getting the perfect indoor herb garden. However, if you pay attention on the instructions of the herb seed packets on how to grow them and what conditions they can grow well, you may not require the indoor herb garden kit.

How An Indoor Herb Garden Benefits You?

Few most common indoor herb garden tea herbs are lemon balm, lavender, angelica and rosemary. They flavors added to the tea by the use of herbs are not only delicious but help you have a healthy body. Apart from the medicinal use of herbs, you have the full potential to use your creativeness to grow ornamental herbs to stylize your interiors. Also, having an indoor herb garden helps your children to learn about nature and may be it can be helpful to connect them to nature too.