Due to some people’s hectic work schedules, economic status, and preference, indoor herb garden these days have gained popularity. Indoor herb garden can be commonly found inside the kitchen, and usually near the windowsill. However, for some people who do not have any windowsill inside their kitchen, they use artificial light for their herbs to survive and grow. Indoor herb garden are usually used by people who love to cook. Herbs for indoor herb garden are usually herbs with cooking purposes, so that people who love cooking can have direct access to clean and fresh herbs all the time.

Perfect Place for Indoor Herb Garden

Since herbs are still living things and are plants, they still need to have a source of natural sunlight. Placing your indoor herb garden in windowsills is one of the best way you can do for your herbs to receive natural sunlight regularly. However, not all houses and indoor herb garden can have access to direct natural sunlight, which is why, artificial lights are used to mimic natural sunlight to provide Ultraviolet rays to herbs, for herb to survive and grow, even without natural sunlight. For natural sunlight, it is ideal that each herb in your indoor herb garden should receive at least 4 to 5 hours every single day.

Artificial Light for Your Indoor Herb Garden

Artificial Light for Indoor Herb Garden

There are herbs that require more than 6 hours of natural sunlight. That is why; some people expose their herbs even after exposing it to natural sunlight, under artificial light or man-made light. Aside from herbs that require more than 6 hours of natural sunlight, herbs that totally have no access to natural sunlight need to be exposed under natural light for it to survive.

Indoor Herb Garden Under Artificial Light

Herbs should be placed at least 6 inches up to 12 inches away from the artificial light. Using 2 40 watts cool white fluorescent bulbs can be done, and make sure to keep the 2 fluorescent lights on for 14 to 16 hours every single day. Exposing your indoor herb garden for 14 to 16 hours to artificial light can be very useful in improving your herbs health and vitality. You can even add another bulb to your indoor herb garden, a 30 watts incandescent bulb to produce more heat. It is important for you to place the incandescent bulb no closer than 12 inches from your indoor herb garden, since it can brown the leaves of your herbs in your indoor herb garden due to its heat production.