Implying Indoor Herb Garden Idea In An Apartment

An indoor herb garden can be an ideal addition to any household. You can keep your herb garden indoor by placing it onto a windowsill. By designing a windowsill herb garden you can showcase all your skill, talent and handicraft that was difficult to demonstrate in a two bedroom apartment. With a creative herb garden your windowsill will no more be a neglected, small and unused space. It is not too expensive to create an indoor herb garden on the windowsill. You can have a pretty long list of herbs that you can grow inside your house and usually they don’t seek much attention other than the basics like sun, soil and water.

Apartment Windowsill Indoor Herb Garden

Avoid Large Plants If You Have Limited Space Like A Windowsill For An Indoor Herb Garden

Avoid large plants for windowsill indoor herb garden. Make sure that plants you choose will not take over that pot. Particularly, you should avoid the regular herbs such as mint, chamomile and rosemary instead you should insist on the naturally compact varieties like tarragon, chervil, chives, sweet marjoram, and oregano. You can also try the miniature cultivars and dwarf varieties of the popular herbs. You may find a little difference in the taste in the dwarf varieties of the few of the herbs but this can be accounted for by putting little extra to the recipe.

Indoor Herb Garden: Herb Plantation

Now that you have selected the herbs for your indoor herb garden let’s start with the plantation. Fill each window box with the potting soil up to one and a half inch from the top of the pot. Carefully press down the seed into the pot and spray some water. Beginning is the right time to check each pot with adequate water drainage. In an indoor herb garden the water drainage should be good otherwise root become waterlogged when the herbs start to grow. Water the pots every time when you feel the top layer of the soil is dry but take care not to over-water the seeds otherwise they will not sprout.

Once the herbs have broken the surface and new leaves start appear you can fertilize your indoor herb garden approximately once per month.

Soilless Indoor Herb Garden

Lasagna garden is the latest craze in the organic herb garden. it facilitate with easy implementation. No digging and tilling on the earth with Lasagna gardening. You can very well implement this idea into your indoor herb garden you are going to create at your windowsill. The whole idea behind Lasagna gardening is layering. Create the layers with organic compost so that the pot will not grow any weed. Select a sunny window of your house. Your kitchen’s sunniest windowsill would be ideal place for a Lasagna garden.

Indoor Herb Garden At Every Windowsill Of Your Locality

An indoor herb garden is not about cultivating variety of herbs it is also about the creativity, decor, love for the greenery and beauty, detailing and appreciation of the herbs that you grow in a neglected space of your patio or balcony. Spread the idea of a windowsill herb garden in your locality. Imagine how beautiful it would look if each of the dweller has created an indoor herb garden at their apartment’s windowsill.