Having your own indoor herb garden will give you direct access to fresh herbs anytime and every time you need to use herbs. If you love cooking, having your own indoor herb garden with herbs that have cooking purposes, it can really help you make your recipes and specialties taste better and healthier. Herbs do not just add flavor to any of your recipes, herbs are also full of health benefits that you and your whole family can enjoy.  Even if you are an inexperienced gardener, you can still enjoy and succeed in making your own indoor herb garden for your kitchen.

Organic Indoor Herb Garden

Small Organic Indoor Herb Garden

Your family can already enjoy a lot of health benefits if you have an indoor herb garden at home. What more if your indoor herb garden is organic? Organic indoor herb garden means that you will need to use organic methods in growing and maintaining your indoor herb garden. However, there will be important factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are going to have an organic indoor herb garden.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Organic Indoor Herb Garden

Whether your indoor herb garden is organic or not, natural sunlight should always be present. Most herbs need moderate natural sunlight exposure every single day. It is recommended for any indoor herb garden to be placed somewhere that is sunlight rich area. Most kitchens in every home have a window dear the sink, where sunlight can usually reach. The windowsill can be a nice area where you can place or set up your organic herb garden.  Just remember that never place any curtains or blinds in your kitchen window, for it can block the sunlight from reaching your indoor herb garden.

Organic Compost for Your Organic Indoor Herb Garden

Since you are growing or making an organic herb garden, then you should carefully choose and take into consideration types of fertilizers or compost that you are going to use. In growing an organic indoor herb garden, you have a lot of options when choosing fertilizers. There are ready-made organic composts that can be bought in markets or you can even make your own organic fertilizer. If you are only planning on making a small organic herb garden, it may be less labor intensive and less hassle if you will buy organic compost, but if you are planning on making a large or big organic indoor herb garden, you can make your own organic compost, since making larger amounts of compost is easier than making little organic compost.