Let’s See The Differences In Hydroponic & Aquaponic Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden needs some special care and methods because of lack of sun exposure, fresh air and so on. To make it possible, there are several systems invested to set up indoor herb garden anywhere you want. In such systems, aquaponic and hydroponic systems are quite famous these days. This article will let you know all about these two indoor herb garden systems and its differences as well. Knowing related information and differences between these two, users can make better choice while purchasing garden system.

Aquaponic System

Aquaponic Indoor Herb Garden System

This is a system of food production which posses an aquaculture system along with a hydroponics. The aquaculture is used to raise aquatic animals or creatures and hydroponics is used to cultivate various plants with watering. This system works in symbiotic environment. It helps in growing various plants and also can be used for fishing in winter season. Usually, winters are not suitable for any plant’s growth. But aquaponic systems have made gardening possible in all seasons.

Things That Differ Aquaponic System From Hydroponic

The first difference is the production of fish which is possible in aquaponic system, but not in hydroponic. In this system, you don’t need to provide any particular nutrients for your plant’s growth, but plants get their needed nutrients from the flux of the fish. However, the process of growing plants is similar as hydroponic in this system. The best thing about aquaponic indoor herb garden system is its starting up speed which is greater than hydroponic. So, these are main things that differentiate aquaponic from hydroponic systems.

Hydroponics Require Nutrients For Plants

If you are choosing a hydroponic indoor herb garden system, then somehow nutrients requirement for your plant’s growth will be a constant requirement. You cannot manage a hydroponic herb garden without nutrients and these hydroponic nutrients are specific which are rarely available in market. So, this can be a headache for you. But, in aquaponic system, there is no need to buy nutrients from market; however the plants fulfill their nutrient requirement from fish affluent. From this flux, the system converts it to nitrates by cycling process and the outcome works like nutrients for plants.

A Hydroponic System Can Be Controlled By Users, But Not Aquaponic

Indeed, the system of hydroponic is fully in control of users. Whenever you feel, you can easily change nutrients or water from the plants and can arrange the flood as per plant’s need. But, in aquaponic system, everything works as per system. Running water of the fish by system filter in every six hours can create a danger of fish waste. This is very critical for plant’s life. The system can only filter or make better use of liquid waste, but rest materials are not properly managed which is a big drawback of this system. In this way, aquaponic system has a big question mark for its usefulness in an indoor herb garden.