Molds have been a long time problem for both outdoor gardeners and indoor gardeners. Molds can really be a problem since molds can easily grow, especially in indoor gardens, when plants are always moist and never get dry. There are only two basic needs for molds to grow and takeover your indoor herb garden or any type of indoor garden, the moisture and a food source. Plants can easily be some kind of a food source for molds. There are ways that can be done to keep mold growths at bay, thus keeping the air you breathe indoors to be healthy and mold-free.

Tips in Preventing Molds

Molds Prevention for Indoor Garden

Molds prevention can easily be done, just as long as you will be able to get rid of those 2 basic needs, moisture and food source, for mold growth. Here are some easy tips in molds prevention that your indoor herb garden can benefit from.

  • As much as possible, remove all dead plant parts (leaves, twigs, etc) from your indoor garden. Allowing dead plant parts to stay in your indoor garden can be a great source of food for mold growth. Dead plant parts that are on the soil can also cause trapping of moisture, which can also be a great medium for mold growth.
  • Make sure that each pot or plant container is located at least a foot apart from each other. Doing so can help air to circulate better, making humidity around each plant to be lower and water can easily evaporate.
  • The saucer or tray that receives all extra water from the soil should be removed every single day. Leaving saucers or trays with water in it can increase humidity level of your indoor garden, making it a good medium for mold-growth.
  • If possible, place your indoor garden near windowsills or somewhere it can receive fresh air. Open windows or doors in your house for fresh air to enter and the old air to go out. You can use a fan to help air circulate around the room where your indoor garden is located.
  • It is not advisable for you to water your entire indoor garden every single day. You will have to feel first the soil using the tip of your fingers if it is still wet or moist. Just water the soil if you think it is already dry. However, there are some plants who love water. Try to do a little research about your plants’ water requirements to make sure that you will be providing them the right amount of water for them to survive healthily.