Having your own indoor herb garden can be a very great help in making your life easier. Indoor herb garden is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the beauty and convenience of having access to your own fresh herbs all year round. In fact, most gardeners find growing their own indoor herb garden as a fun hobby. Although indoor herb garden is a very fun thing and easy way to do, your indoor herb garden is not free from problems. Your indoor herb garden can be infested by bugs or insects that will affect the growth, color, and appearance of all your herbs in your indoor herb garden. Indoor herb garden bugs will not just affect the growth and appearance of your herbs, it can even kill your herbs.

Different Kinds of Indoor Herb Garden Insects

There are a lot of different kinds of indoor herb garden insects that can affect your indoor herb garden. Here are some of the most common insects that can infest your indoor herb garden.


  • Whiteflies– Whiteflies do not only affect indoor herb gardens, it can also affect any types of plants. There are no plants safe from whiteflies infestation. Whiteflies are nearly invisible flying insects that can take over your entire indoor herb garden. Whiteflies create a black sooty looking mold on your herbs.

    Scale Insect

  • Scale– Most people thought that seeing scales growing on their herbs or other plants is normal. Actually, scale growth of plants is an indication of an insect infestation. This is a type of insect with a hard scale covering, which gives its scaly appearance on plants. Scales can stay on your indoor herb garden all year round.


  • Aphids– Aphids cause the leaves of the plants to appear with a black mildew. In fact, aphids are very difficult to see, since they live under the leaves and in notches of your herbs. Some gardeners may be surprised if they will be able to find aphids on their indoor herb garden or in their other plants.

    Mealy Bugs

  • Mealy Bugs– Mealy bugs are not hard to eradicate, however, it seems to be impossible to find and kill each one of them since they are very small. Mealy bugs give a tiny cotton buds appearance to your indoor herb garden.

    Red Spider Mites

  • Red Spider Mites – Red spider mites best grow in mild temperatures. Red spider mite infestation can really happen in your indoor herb garden, since temperature indoors are mostly regulated and mild.