Make Your Home Filled With Fragrance Of Different Herbs

Indoor herb garden is fascinating, interesting and fun. Fresh herbs are available right in the heart of your kitchen. A little sunlight and warmth are the basic requirement for an indoor herb garden to flourish. Herbs add fragrance and also a utility of the delicious food items especially curry. Especially in the winters, getting to a supermarket and buying herbs becomes tedious, so why not plant them indoors. Also, during the dark days of winter, herbs add a pleasant look and feel of the summers inside. With their colorful flower, they add beauty to the mornings.

Indoor Herb Garden – Choose Herbs That Requires Less Attention

Indoor herb garden does not require too much attention but yes they demand consistent care. If you are on a job on which you frequently travel, try to plant herbs that require less maintenance. Also, another important factor to safeguard herb plants, if from your pets. If you have a pet at home, make sure you choose a good height, to place the herb. Unless you are an expert, plant herbs which are easy to grow and that does not require too much time to look after. Chives are a good option to start with, they grow extensively well in areas which have a cooler climate.

Herbs Add Beauty To The Home Decor

Recommendations For An Indoor Herb Garden

Gardeners are of the option that herb plants taste best when grown in poor soil. Although, when you plant an indoor herb garden, you have to make use of a well fertility soil. Indoor herbs require more of supplemental fertilizers and it’s recommended that you feed the herb plant with water-soluble fertilizer in diluted form, when they have full formed leaves. According to the experts in herb gardening, they recommend to pluck leaves of herbs in the morning. As this time they have the fresh aroma and high fragrance. However, if you have planted dill, make sure you harvest the whole plant and plant it every few weeks.

Check For The Expiration Date Of The Herb Seeds Packet

When you are buying herb seeds from the market, ensure to see their expiration period. Seeds with expired date may not grow and you may be cheated. If you are fond of Italian food, you can grow herbs like parsley, basil and oregano. They are mostly used in Italian dishes. If you have an appetite for Indian and Asian dishes, grow some cilantro. The fragrance of cilantro adds magical temptation to the dishes. If you are a fond of iced tea, then grow some mint. The taste and flavor mint gives to the iced tea is unmatchable.

Use Organic Soil For Your Indoor Herb Garden

You can make use of the organic potting soil too. It makes sure that the herbs are getting the essential nutrients necessary for their growth. While, watering the herbs, see that water is getting well drained through the holes in the pot. Accumulation of water in the pot is not good for the growth of herb and may make the herb plant sick and die. Also, be very alert that you do not water the leaves of the herb, this gives a boost to the fungal growth on the herb leaves. So keep in mind the tricks and precautions to have your own awesome indoor herb garden.