Phytopod – A Brilliant Vertical Garden Idea

For modern people, herb garden was always a dream until the idea for vertical garden had been invented. Vertical garden can be set up in different ways and phytopod is one of them. Using phytopod vertical garden, you can establish an herb garden indoors and that too without consuming much space. In one phytopod, you can grow different types of herbs and maintenance of those herbs in phytopod vertical garden, is quite easier than any other garden. You can get benefit of growing salad greens, fruits, colorful flowers, green vegetables or so on, in such type of garden.

Get Phytopod At Your Home & Start Taking Benefit Of Gardening

Gardening will become so easier if you get phytopod vertical garden idea at your home. Whether you want to make a garden in your patio, or you are interested to make a small indoor herb garden near your window or in the kitchen, using phytopod, you can do it anywhere you wish for. Start growing herbs from July month with herb options like beets, carrots, beans, basil, cilantro, kale, cucumbers, radishes, parsley, etc. In summer season, harvest vegetables in this garden and enjoy them all round the year.

A Phytopod Herb Garden Is Easy To Plant


It is very easy to grow various herbs in phytopod herb garden. You must be surprised to see range of plants growing altogether with least hard work and attention in this type of garden. This garden type is mainly designed for salad herbs. The idea is very simple as it is based on plant’s capability to germinate anywhere. You must have seen several types that some weeds start germinating over a wall or rooftop on its own. Same thing is applied on phytopod herb garden.

Grow Diverse Vegetables In Phytopod Garden & Enjoy Diversity In Your Plate

In phytopod garden you can grow a huge variety of herbs and vegetables in a time. Thus, you can try daily a new dish and can serve variety to your family. Trying daily a new vegetable in your kitchen will explore your cooking and it will make your family members feel proud on your cooking as well. You can try new variety of salad which is loved by everyone everyday and this way you will serve your family health and taste altogether.

Grow Plants In Limited Space

There was a time when people tend to set up a garden only in a big space and outdoors, but using phytopod, they can enjoy benefits of a garden indoors. However, in such small garden, they do not need to bind to some herbs or vegetables, but they can plant any herb they like. This garden idea is based upon the plant’s capability to develop in any vertical surface. It is designed in cylindrical shape and in its sides, one can grow herbs. So, try this idea and start indoor herb garden right now.