Hanging baskets as your herb garden, flower garden, vegetable garden, etc., can really look great and provide you with all-year round supply of its bearings. However, if you do not know how to properly take good care of your hanging basket garden, you will not enjoy and gain its benefits for a long period of time. You have to know how to properly take good care and maintain your hanging basket garden for you all your plants to grow healthily and for your hanging basket garden to look beautiful as long as possible. You will have to give your plants planted in your hanging basket garden the best care you could possibly give, for your hanging basket garden to look its best.

Tips on How to Properly Take Good Care of Hanging Baskets

Maintaining Hanging Baskets

No matter what type of hanging basket your are using, wire hanging basket, solid wall hanging basket, fiber hanging basket etc., you will still need to do the same maintenance and care. Here are some easy caring and maintaining tips for your hanging basket garden:

  1. Watering – You will have to check regularly (at least once a day) the moisture of your potting soil. You can use the tip of your fingers and stick it into the soil. If the 1st inch of the topmost portion of the soil is dry, you will have to water it. Water gently and slowly. Just stop watering when water starts to drip from the drainage hole at the bottom of your hanging basket.
  2. Fertilize – You can purchase fertilizers easily from hardware stores or even garden supplies stores. Fertilizers can easily leach out from the soil, since fertilizer can easily be washed out from the soil everytime you water the potting soil. Just read the instruction or directions that came with package of your purchased fertilizer. There are several different types of fertilizers and each different type differs in frequency needs for your hanging basket garden.
  3. Trimming – You will have to trim frequently tips of your herbs or plants regularly. You will not be necessary for you to wait until tips or some leaves of your plant wilt before you trim and pinch it off. Regular trimming and snipping can help in promoting healthy new growth for your herbs and other plants throughout the season. You can even trim or cut off at least half of your plant during summer season when you can notice that your plants are starting to be long. Cutting your plants about half their length can help them rejuvenate and grow new and healthier leaves.