If you already have an herb garden or even if you are still planting on making one, then you should consider making a hanging basket herb garden, which you can make it into an indoor herb garden, or place it outdoors, just near your door or kitchen window for direct and easy access to all your herbs. You can actually hang your hanging basket herb garden basically anywhere, however, you have to consider if the area where you are going to hang your garden can receive enough amounts of sunlight every single day, approximately 6 hours per day, since most herbs love sunlight exposure.

Advantages of Hanging Basket Herb Garden

Hanging Basket Herb Garden

  • One advantage of having a hanging basket herb garden is that most hanging basket can accommodate several herbs. However, you have to choose your herbs for a hanging basket herb garden. You have to make sure that all the herbs you are going to plant in a single basket have the same sunlight and water needs.
  • Hanging basket herb garden design is one of the most space efficient indoor herb garden designs. If you will be able to pick a perfect location for your hanging basket herb garden with a great source of sunlight and can help in adding decoration to your house, then you can really gain its benefits.
  • When you choose a basket style that can complement the overall design of your room or even home, then you will not just have unlimited all-year supply of fresh herbs, but you will also make any room at your home more beautiful and vibrant.
  • Hanging basket herb garden does not require too much watering. Just keeping the soil moist will do. You do not have to water your herb garden daily. You can even water it once a week, or just when the soil of your hanging herb garden feels dry.
  • Bug or insect infestations in a hanging basket herb garden will not be a problem anymore. Bug infestation has been a problem in most gardeners with herb gardens planted directly on the ground. If ever there will be bug infestation in your hanging basket herb garden, the bugs and insects will not be as harmful as to those insects and bugs infesting herb gardens on the ground.
  • Taking good care of a hanging basket herb garden is not as complicated as you thought. You do not have to spend so much time in maintaining your hanging basket herb garden design, just as you would do in a usual herb garden design on grounds.