In order for all your herbs to survive and grow healthily in your indoor herb garden, you will have to provide all the basic necessities to all your herbs. One most common necessity that can’t always be met and given to any indoor herb garden or any types of indoor gardens is light. Not being able to place your indoor herb garden in the right location can deprive it from enough access and enough amount of light for it to thrive properly. For those who do have an indoor herb garden and do not have an access of natural sunlight, then you can use artificial lights for your garden. Artificial lights can provide the same amount of light rays of natural sunlight.

Levels of Light for an Indoor Herb Garden

Fluorescent Lighting for Your Indoor Herb Garden

The levels of light used or needed for an indoor herb garden are not all the same. The levels of light will greatly depend on the types of herbs grown in your indoor herb garden There are some herbs that love brighter levels of light, while other herbs love less bright levels of light. Before fully deciding on what type of artificial light you are going to purchase and use for your indoor herb garden, you will need to know the appropriate lighting option for each of your herb sin your indoor herb garden, to let your indoor herb garden get the most out from your artificial light used.

Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent light is one of the most commonly used artificial lights for indoor gardens. Many people prefer to use fluorescent lights more than incandescent lights, since fluorescent lights do not emit and produce as much heat as incandescent lights. Fluorescent lights are much cooler and do not cost too much when compared to incandescent light.

Which Type of Fluorescent Light to Use?

Usually, the standard 20 watt and 40 watt fluorescent light tubers are used in most indoor herb gardens. Fluorescent lights last for up to 20,000 hours while the incandescent light only last less than half of the fluorescent light. Standard incandescent lights can be used from growing seedlings or even for full grown plants in your indoor garden. And fluorescent lights can also be placed near your herbs in your indoor herb garden, since it does not emit and produce too much heat, unlike the incandescent light. Incandescent light can possibly burn your plants’ leaves.