Growing herb plants inside the aquarium is not as difficult as it seems. This is a simple process that requires less maintenance and efforts. The most important thing requires is the complete sun access because the herbs that thrive in this environment require enough light to get fully grown. Else, your plants will be thin and flavorless. Prior starting the process of herb growing in the indoors, ensure that you have enough space for placing aquarium for the growth and best health of your plants.

Things Require for Growing Herbs Indoors

In order to grow herbs indoors, it is important

Herbs Inside Aquarium

to arrange things before starting the process. The main thing you need is

  • An Aquarium (any size) with drainage
  • Some dish soap to clean and wash the aquarium
  • Gravel or small stones
  • Soft clothes
  • Herb seeds or Plants
  • Potting soil
  • Activated Charcoal

Steps to Grow Herbs Inside the Aquarium

Growing herbs indoors need proper information and knowledge on how to carry out the steps one by one. By following the steps precisely, you can grow different kinds of herb plants in the aquarium.

  • Step 1

The first step is to fill the water in the aquarium along with some dish soap. Now use a soft cloth and clean every inch of the aquarium properly. Now discard the soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Now dry it completely with a clean cloth and then discard the dish towel.

  • Step 2

Now put a one inch layer of the gravel in the aquarium and cover its bottom completely. Afterwards, add a smooth one inch layer of the activated charcoal on the gravel top.

  • Step 3

The next step is to fill the aquarium with the grade ‘A’ potting soil until it attains 5-6 inches of the top.

  • Step 4

There are two options, either plants seedling or seeds in the soil. For that you have to buy some diminutive tools for aquarium gardening or can use some fork or an old spoon. Make sure that the water is neither too much nor too less.

  • Step 5

Ensure to keep your aquarium in the sunny spot so that it will receive adequate sunshine.

Maintain Herb Garden in a Proper Way

There are different kinds of herbs you can grow in the aquarium such as lavender, basil, mint, chives, cilantro, oregano and rosemary. After you grow the plants, it is important to maintain them in a proper way so that they will flourish. Fresh herbs can act like a boon in the food flavors, so make sure that they are getting adequate fertilizer, soil, water and sunlight. However, also when seeking to buy herb plants make sure that they stand the climate of your area and also are of good quality.