Imagine your living room, vacant and empty for years – it has been difficult for you the cut the static stillness seated there for years. Then a friend comes to visit you and gift you a potted lavender plant and without bothering much you just put that potted herb plant on the windowsill.  What you notice the next morning that the lonely space of your house has infused with life. According to the Chinese philosophy of feng shui lavender is more than a common window dressing. Decorating home with aromatic herb plants balances the energy and adds harmony in the interior.

Decorate With Aromatic Herbs

How you should incorporate aromatic herbs and plants to your interior decor?

Each herb grows in its own manner. There is no one fit for all formula for growing herbs inside. Knowing the preposition and possible growth of the herb you are planning to grow inside your house will help you determine the number of plants that your space will require. For instance, you only have a sunny den in your house where you can plant these herbs buy only one tree and a tabletop herb plant to enhance its look and feel. But if you have a large room with glass wall leading to patio, you can easily adopt two or three grouping of floor herb plants at various heights.  Read more articles on this website and learn how each plant will eventually grow.  These articles will help you plan out perfectly the space that will be needed and number of accompanying plants you would require for that well-designed look.

Add Some Spice to Your Kitchen

Kitchen – An Ideal Space For Indoor Herb Garden

When incorporating aromatic herb plants to your interior décor, it’s a custom to start with the living room. But kitchens may also be an ideal space and can be benefited with little greenery and liveliness. Imagine a small indoor herb garden seated on a sunny windowsill of your kitchen or hung on a sunlit corner. Wouldn’t it be a pleasant satisfaction every morning –and your recopies will reap its benefits too. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil and parsley will flourish throughout winter and will switch easily to the outdoors in summer.

Select Plants According To Your Travel Schedule

While you are selecting herbs or other houseplants for your indoor herb garden, make sure they fit to your lifestyle. Some of the herbs require regular caring like watering and fertilization on daily and weekly basis, so keep your travel schedule in mind selecting herb plans for indoor herb garden.

Planters and Lights For Perfect Decor

Once plants have been finalized you can look in to additional accessory such as planters and lights to choose styles completing existing interior.  Here are a few suggestions, please note them down so that when you go shopping for the planters these suggestions come handy to you.

  • Bamboo basket or teak planter will match with wooden flooring and earthy finish walls
  • Pewter, or antique brass planters will go with period-style furnishing
  • For modern spaces you may choose from either sparkling white ceramic or porcelain containers or very modern stainless steel pots.

Whether you really have a green thumb for a beautiful, aromatic indoor herb garden or not, there is no doubt that indoor plants add a decorative touch to any interior – as long as they are kept healthy and green, year round.