How To Make An Indoor Herb Garden More Decorative?

Fresh herbs are delight of any cuisine, and noting is better than having your own indoor herb garden near to your kitchen window.  With an indoor herb garden you can anytime pick your choice of herb by just starching your hand a little bit. You will be able to snip off exactly the amount you need while you are cooking to get that real texture and aroma.  The additional bonus of an indoor herb garden is its decorative value. Designing and decorating an herb garden starts with choosing designer pots for the garden. You certainly can’t go with the old posts that are used to grow hers or other floral plants. Try being a little creative and make them synchronized with your décor.

Size Of The Plant And Indoor Herb Garden Pots

Your selection of the posts not entirely depends upon your choice. There is another factor that works and that is noting but the plants that you select. If nothing the size of the plant really matters while selecting pots for indoor herb garden. For example, rosemary, an aromatic herb that is frequently used in herb gardens, needs extra space as it is an ornamental shrub that becomes rather large. It takes extra space that you might not be thinking of an herb could, actually. So when it comes to indoor herb garden plots, plants like rosemary needs an individual pot, whereas herbs like basil, oregano, cilantro, and parsley can more easily be placed in a container with each other.

Hand Decorated Pot

It Requires A Little Care

There is another name in the same category is thyme. Thyme is another popular herb commonly used in herb gardens. It has a tendency to grow a little chunky and wild. It grows like a ground cover and stays attached with the soil, so it will not let grow another herb if something shared with it. You may share pots for varieties of mint plants; however it is not suggested as these plants grow profusely and after some time they completely take over the space.  You need to be very particular while selecting pots. Plants are the one amongst various other specifications that demands sheer attention.

Try Some Creativity With Indoor Herb Garden Pots

You may choose to purchase an indoor herb garden kit or terrarium style setup. With these setups you get containers included along with everything else that is needed for a perfect herb garden. But, if you would like to arrange everything on your own and experience the things form scratch, you would prefer an existing container as a planter, rather than purchasing a ready-made pots made of clay. For example you may take something from your old dinnerware, apply a little creativity and turn bowl or some other dish to a unique herb pot. It allows an added benefit of matching décor.  Visitors will appreciate your creativity when they see a pot that is similar to tableware you have used.  Other great decorative pots can be obtained form a teacup, Mason jar, plastic lined basket or even an old shoe.  Explore all your creativity and you would be surprised to see an indoor herb garden designed and created only by you!