For people who love cooking, they can really relate on how important and beneficial it is to have your own herb garden outside your house, especially your own indoor herb garden. Herbs will not just add taste to any of your recipes, it can also bring health benefits to you and your whole family. Indoor herb garden has been widely used by a lot of people already to make cooking easier and faster. Indoor herb garden is usually placed inside the kitchen, where all the preparations and cooking are done. However, indoor herb garden should be placed in certain locations for herbs to survive.

Requirements for Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden by the Windowsill

Plants require sunlight in order for them to grow and survive. In fact, herbs do not need to be grown outdoors for them to survive. Indoor herb garden can be done if you make sure that all the herbs can get liberal amounts of natural sunlight. Windowsills are perfect locations for your indoor herb garden. You can place your herbs in pots with proper drainage holes in the bottom, and line them or arrange them in certain patterns near your windowsill or wherever place natural sunlight can reach.

Growing Windowsill Indoor Herb Garden

Growing windowsill indoor herb garden can be a great idea for both people who love cooking and people with green thumbs. However, growing herbs indoors is not as easy as growing herbs outdoors. Placing indoor herb garden near windowsills can be beneficial for herbs to receive natural sunlight, however, when it is winter, windowsills can’t provide as much sunlight needed. And for homes that uses centralized heater, herbs do not like living in dry air conditions. Although indoor herb garden is not as simple as outdoor herb garden, taking care of herbs will never be an issue if you are just dedicated in your gardening.

What to Remember When Growing Indoor Herb Garden

If you are a type of person who uses herbs from time to time, then you must need a bigger pot size for your herb. At least using a 12” pot is beneficial if you are planning to harvest herbs for your cooking regularly. For those indoor herb garden pictures with small pots, those are not practical. Small pots are used to make the indoor herb garden beautiful in pictures or if the owner of the indoor herb garden’s purpose is to harvest herbs once a month or longer. Indoor herb garden should provide herbs with enough space, sunlight, air, and water for all herbs to grow happy and healthy.