Isn’t it amazing to have your desired fresh herbs available inside your house all the time whenever you need and it is possible with a small indoor herb garden with lots of herbs that we use in our daily life can give you amazing benefits. You have to pay lots of money for buying vegetables and fruits from market and still those expensive herbs are not really hygienic. The use of pesticides and chemical make them hygienic; however if you use herbs grown in front of your eyes in your own indoor herb garden, then you can definitely have healthy and fresh herbs. So, the guidelines to make an upside down indoor herb garden can help you making your personal indoor herb garden.

Why Upside Down Indoor Herb Garden

If you need a simple and easy idea for indoor herb garden, then upside down indoor herb garden can be your option. Such garden provide similar benefits like other garden as you can get all vegetables and fruits that you like, but the way of making this garden is simpler. An upside down garden can be developed anywhere like around kitchen window or sink or anywhere you want. This is a great garden idea by which you can enjoy herbs and that too in a narrow space. Thus, it is an exceptional indoor herb garden for people living in small apartments or spaces.

Follow Easy Steps For Growing Upside Down Garden

Yes, it is very true that for growing this kind of indoor herb garden, you should follow some simple steps and ultimately you will see a rich garden inside your home. For this purpose, you should collect some materials like scissors, nail, drill, hammer, wire cutter, duct tape, wire hanger, paint or fabric, coffee filters etc. Get a container made of plastic or metal. It can be a coffee can or any pop bottle. If you have creativity in your mind, then believe me you are going to surprise everyone with your upside down indoor herb garden.

Upside Down Indoor Herb Garden

Let’s Plan A Creative Upside Down Indoor Herb Garden

People who have never tried their hands in gardening should definitely start gardening with upside down indoor herb garden because it is such a simple and wonderful herb garden so far. To make an upside down garden, you can start with using bottles or lid cans, but do wash them thoroughly. After that, make some holes with nail and hammer at can’s bottom. For hanging purpose, you should make another hole on top side. From rim this hole should be ¼ to ½”. Now, the structure is ready and you can start planting after that.

Start Benefiting Yourself Now With Indoor Herb Garden

After making structure and selecting plants, you are all set for further step to make your indoor herb garden attractive. So, it is a time to decorate pots with creative ideas and for that, use a sticky fabric for hanging pots and cover the containers with decorative materials. You can use colorful paint as well. Give it some time to get dry and take a wire piece for 6 to 12” and loop it from the corner. For better growth of plants, you should choose a sunny location. So, your upside down indoor herb garden is ready to benefit you now.