If herbs play a very big role in your cooking, then it may be very useful for you to have your own indoor herb garden in the kitchen. Growing your own indoor kitchen herb garden is very easy to do and it can make a lovely addition to your kitchen’s décor. In fact, indoor kitchen herb garden does not only serve culinary purposes and decorative purposes, it can also help in making your kitchen full of fresh aroma.

Cooking Herbs for Your Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden in the Windowsill

Herbs grown on an indoor herb garden can be a great companion for people who really love to cook and to those people who are curious and are not afraid to experiment when it comes to cooking. There are a lot of different herbs that can be used in cooking, but trust me, you will not be able to plant all herbs with cooking purposes in one indoor herb garden. That is why, it is very important for you to determine which specific herbs are very useful and important for your cooking. By doing so, all herbs found in your indoor herb garden in the kitchen are all useful.

Starting Your Indoor Herb Garden: Seeds or Seedlings?

It is up to you if how you want to start growing your herbs for your indoor herb garden. You can choose to grow your herbs from seeds or you can use seedlings. When you want to try growing herbs from seeds, it may take more time and more care for your seeds to grow properly, unlike seedlings. Seedling of herbs can be brought in local nurseries, where you will just have to transfer the seedling from its container in the local nursery to your indoor herb garden. If you are planning to grow herbs from seedlings, you will have to check the bottom of the pot to make sure that its roots are not growing through the holes. If roots are growing through the drainage hole, it means that the herb is “rootbound” and it may not grow well in pots or containers.

Perfect Spot in the Kitchen for Your Indoor Herb Garden

For your herbs to survive and grow healthily, you have to choose a spot in your kitchen wherein all your herbs can receive at least 6 hours of natural sunlight every single day. And the spot you choose should not be very hot during the afternoons. Southern part of your kitchen will ideally be the best spot for your indoor herb garden. You can also place your indoor herb garden in the windowsill, where your indoor herb garden will not just receive natural sunlight, it can also receive fresh air constantly for better ventilation.