Since an indoor herb garden is placed inside the house, being able to expose the entire indoor herb garden under natural sunlight will not always be possible. During the winter season, days are shorter, and the lesser time or chance for your indoor herb garden to gain access to natural sunlight. Artificial lights or grow lights as other people call it, are used to give the entire herb garden enough light requirements for proper growth throughout the herbs’ entire growth cycle. There are several different types of artificial lights that can be suitable for your indoor herb garden’s needs.

Incandescent Light Bulb

Lightning for an Indoor Herb Garden

Incandescent light is just the usual incandescent light bulb that we can see being used in households. Incandescent light bulbs are widely available almost anywhere and it will only require a person to plug it directly into an outlet for it to work. Incandescent light bulbs, however, do not last for a long time and incandescent light bulbs easily get hot. If you are planning on using incandescent light bulbs for your indoor herb garden, you should make sure that you are not going to place the light very near your herbs and you should not use it for too long, for it can burn the leaves of your herbs.

Fluorescent Light Tubes

The fluorescent light tubes were the first or the original artificial lights or growing lights for indoor herb gardens. Compared to incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent light tubes are cooler and they can be placed closer to herbs and longer. However, even if fluorescent light tubes are cooler than incandescent light bulbs, it can still cause your entire indoor herb garden to dehydrate. Fluorescent light tubes are advised to be used for short growth and rooting cuttings, since they have high output lights without the need to consume too much energy.

Light-Emitting Diodes or LED

Light-Emitting Diodes or LED lights when compared to fluorescent light tubes are more expensive. Even though LED lights are expensive, they can last longer, they are more energy-efficient than any kinds of artificial lights or growth lights, and they do not heat up, they stay cool for a very long time. One good thing about LED lights is that it can come in various colors, which can be very beneficial in various growth stages. LED lights can usually be used by just directly plugging it into any existing outlets for power.