Planting Indoor Herb Garden At Kitchen Window

Indoor herb garden is quite an easy task and it’s inexpensive. Herbs play an important role in our everyday life. A lot of recipes are dependent upon different herbs which adds flavor to the food. Kitchen herbs like oregano, mint and parsley are some of the most common used to enrich flavor in various food items. You spend a lot of money buying these herbs from the supermarket, ignoring the fact that you can simply plant them right in your kitchen window. You just need a sunny window and a good pot with good soil and you can have herbs sitting at your home.

Type Of Herbs For An Ideal Indoor Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb

Depending on the different characteristics and use of herbs, they can be classified into different categories.  The most used culinary herbs that are:

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Parsley

They can be grown indoors and are famous for adding different aroma and flavor to the food.

Some common medicinal herbs include:

  • Echinaces
  • Valerian
  • Hypericum
  • Gingko

These are not a good choice to plant indoors, especially the medicinal herbs. They have to be grown under special conditions. So invest time wisely on choosing herbs that you can grow in your kitchen and make use of. Investing time on any herb that will not grow indoors is not a good idea.

Herb That Are Fit For An Indoor Herb Garden

You can start with herbs that can be easily grown in your indoor herb garden. Few herbs that you can grow right in your home would be mint, thyme, rosemary and basil. You need to choose wisely the location where you want to put your pot/container. Ideally, container should be place facing the sunny side of the window. This is very necessary for the photosynthesis process of the plants and also helps them not get infected with bugs. Also, make sure the pot is well drained and ensure soil fertility is good.

Make Use Of Ornamental Herbs To Make Your Indoor Herb Garden More Decorative

Indoor herb garden can also be a good way to decorate your home. You can also grow some ornamental herbs that possess good flowers and add beauty to your interiors. There are different choices of herbs that you can grow. You just need to go to local nursery or some supermarket to get the essential herb seed. All instructions are duly written on the packet and you can plant them accordingly. Bugs are a common problem with indoor herbs so make sure that you do not plant herbs near to wooden furniture, as it can cause bugs in your herb plant.

Indoor Herb Garden: Plant Herbs At The Sunny Side Of Your House

Tending of the herb is very essential. Make sure that you do not start plucking the leaves when the plant is young. Once it has reached a certain height, then you can start plucking leaves as herb plant are very rapid in growth once they reached their full growth. So make the ideal plan and choose herbs that you most often buy from supermarket. You can plant different herbs in different areas of your home having a sunny side. When you plant herb, you not only is satisfied seeing them grow but able to gain the rewards of awesome aroma and delicious taste, while planning an indoor herb garden plantation.