Hanging baskets give people with very limited space at home to have their own indoor herb garden, outdoor herb garden, or whatever type of garden they wish to have at home. Hanging basket garden is considered to be one of the most space efficient types of garden design. There are some people who have a lot of free space or area where they can plant their garden but still chooses to have a hanging basket garden, that is because, hanging baskets can also make a lovely addition to any part of the house as a decorative agent.

How to Plant a Spherical Hanging Basket?

Spherical Hanging Basket

A spherical hanging basket garden is composed of two different and separate hanging baskets that are wired together. Usually, two (2) wire hanging baskets are used in making a spherical hanging basket garden. Here are easy steps on how to make your own spherical hanging basket and how to hang or set up your spherical hanging basket and make it into a hanging basket garden.

  1. Get two wire hanging baskets.
  2. Place hanging basket liners into the basket (coconut liner, angel moss liner, wood fiber liner, etc.)
  3. In the basket liner, punch several holes on it and make sure that the holes are equally spaced from each other. You can even follow a zigzag pattern in punching holes. Once you have already punched holes, you can now fill your hanging basket with potting soil just enough to cover the punched holes in the hanging basket liner.
  4. If you are going to mix in fertilizers with your potting mix, you can mix the fertilizer with the potting mix before filling each hanging basket with potting mix.
  5. You can now thread the foliage of herbs or whatever plants you want to place in your spherical hanging basket garden. The plants will appear to be hanging from the side of the hanging basket in this case. Make sure that the root systems of your plants are not damaged during this process.
  6. After threading plants, you can now fill the hanging basket with more potting mix until the top. Firmly press down the potting mix.
  7. Start with the second wire hanging basket and follow steps 3 to 6
  8. Once both wire hanging baskets are done, you can now water them and allow them to drain.
  9. Once both baskets are well drained, you can now connect both baskets using a plastic-coated wire. This step is very crucial. You have to make sure that both baskets are tied together securely.
  10. Hang the basket in your desired area using a basket chain. Make sure that you are going to hang your spherical hanging basket to somewhere strong and sturdy, since the weight of this hanging garden is heavy since there are actually 2 baskets used.