Amazing Usage Of Reused Wine Bottles

Are you interested in trying a unique way for indoor herb garden, then the idea for using reused wine bottles will definitely attract you. Wine bottles which we usually throw outside after using because there is hardly any use of such bottles, but after reading this information, your thoughts will certainly get changed. Keep wine bottles with you and collect them at one place because those wine bottles can be reused for your indoor herb garden. It is such an impressive idea for vertical garden design. So, must try it and benefit yourself.

Make Your Personal Indoor Herb Garden With Reused Wine Bottles

Perhaps, you think that by using reused wine bottles we mean for making vases, but it is not so. Now, you can make an innovative personal herb garden with these bottles. It will give a vintage touch to your garden design. To make this type of garden, you should get wine bottles, corks, drill, glass cutter, wire, a goo gone bottle. Using glass cutter, you should cut the wine bottles. After that, heat it with candle and then put bottle in the chilled water. Doing so, the bottles will get separated. Then edges should be scraped and drill the cork pieces and put in the wire. Around all the bottles, you should wrap that wire and that is it.

Plant Desired Herbs In Wine Bottles And Make A Hanging Styled Vertical Garden

Plant Desired Herbs In Wine Bottles

With a vertical garden, mostly everyone means to set a garden up in a small space. A vertical garden does not require big space, but you can establish a rich garden with several herbs in vertical form. A hanging garden inside a house looks simply attractive and enhances the overall interior of a house. So, using this idea will certainly make your proud on your decision and creativity.

Eco-Friendly & Cost Effective Way Of Indoor Herb Garden

As it is heard that people who throw the wine bottles outside without concerning its consequences over the environment are following a wrong practice and ruining the eco system. But adopting the idea of reused wine bottles is a way towards making environment healthy. So, it is indeed an eco-friendly step. In addition to eco-friendly, it is also a cost effective way because here you are advised to use only unused recycled wine bottles which are quite worthless for most of us. So, this is a great way by which you can have a garden and that too without stressing your pocket.

Grow Any Herb That You Want In A Vertical Garden Designed With Wine Bottles

The idea of growing herbs or plants in reused wine bottles is truly dynamic for people who are interested in vertical garden. You can set such type of garden in your windowsill or at any place where sunlight reaches. The list of herbs is quite big and you can choose any herb to grow in this type of vertical garden. Do include the herbs that you use daily in your kitchen and thus, you will get constant supply of herbs through this type of indoor herb garden for sure. It is a unique but highly useful idea of a vertical garden.