Indoor herb garden can really be useful in every home. However, not all homes have a good source of natural sunlight to help any indoor herb garden to flourish and survive. Exposing all herbs in any indoor herb garden for at least 6 hours per day should be done to meet the daily sunlight requirement. If you really want to have your own indoor herb garden, and you do not have any windowsill or any spaces that natural sunlight can pass through, then you can use artificial light to all your herbs to help your indoor herb garden to survive.

Artificial Light for Indoor Herb Garden

Light Fixture for Indoor Herb Garden

Any indoor herb garden must have a good source of light for it to survive. In fact, there is a wide variety of different lights that can be perfect for any indoor herb garden. Even though natural sunlight is always preferred, natural sunlight can’t always be the best option for certain situations. If you plan on using your standard light bulb found in your home, then it is not a good idea. Standard light bulbs found in homes do not give off light wavelengths that plants need. There are special light bulbs that are really made for plants, and they are referred as Grow Lights.

Grow Lights for Indoor Herb Garden

For those people who tried using grow lights, know that these types of light bulbs produce a significant amount of heat that needs extra care to both plants and the environment. For your indoor herb garden that uses grow lights, you may need to do extra watering on your herbs to prevent dryness and damaging the herbs including herbs’ delicate new growth. Grow lights these days are not that widely used anymore, since there are new generation of light that can bring more benefits to both your indoor herb garden and you.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) for Indoor Herb Garden

LED or light emitting diode is a new generation type of light that has more advantages when used on your indoor herb garden. LED for your indoor herb garden can produce the exact wavelength of light that your plants will need. Compared to grow lights that produce a significant amount of heat, LED does not produce any heat. Another good thing about LED is that it only consumes very little energy and can last for a very long period of time, which can be very helpful in keeping your indoor herb garden healthy and alive.