Advantages Of An Indoor Herb Garden

Having an indoor herb garden or growing herbs inside your house in a pot allows you to have your choice of herbs as close as the other ingredients of a meal at your kitchen. Unlike an outdoor garden an indoor herb garden has its own benefits. It does require timely maintenance and care but still it holds some advantages over an outdoor garden. You need not worry for the early frost as it will not be able to damage your favorite herbs that are planted inside your house. You can protect the herbs from the climate changes and humidity that may hinder growth of your plant. Here are a few tips to help you get best from your indoor herb garden.

Make Use Of Especially Formulated Soil For Indoor Herb Garden

For a successful gardener of an indoor herb garden it is not obligatory for you to have all the required skill of a gardener in you. Herbs are very easy and forgiving plants you can grow your favorite or the one you use most often with very little efforts and time at your home. Other than the light and water, soil is another factor that is most important for your herb garden. When the herbs are growing in the containers the containers cannot be filled with the same garden soil that rewards robust health. Instead of garden soil you can use potting soil that is especially formulated to use in the garden pots.

Mixing Mineral Aggregates To The Potting Soil

While you are using potting soil for your indoor herb garden take care as there are a few herb that can be affected with its extensive nutritional quality.  To avoid this situation add some sand to the potting soil. It not only balances the nutritional properties but also help restrain more moisture to the soil. Potting soil should provide the roots access to air so that they can also breathe. When the pot is tightly filled with soil it restricts water to drain out completely, despite having a big drainage holes water accumulates in the bottom.

Potting Soil

The potting soil usually have small pore spaces that hold water to a much higher level, while the large pores that can be formed by mixing mineral aggregates to potting soil provide water a free flow inside the pot. The large pores admit the water and then carry it through the various level of the soil and then out of the pot so that the air can get into the empty spaces to let the herbs of an indoor herb garden thrive.

Use Quality Soil For Your Indoor Herb Garden

You can get the potting soil for your indoor herb garden under variety of trade name. For an herb garden there is always an especial potting soil used as herbs tends to prefer soils that are well drained and that does not restrain a lot of moisture in the pot for a long period of time. For your indoor herb garden you should choose the potting that has lot of bark and sand. If recommended quality is not available for your indoor herb garden you can try making it by yourself.