Starting your own indoor herb garden may sound complicated and hard, but the real thing is, starting an indoor herb garden can be done in 5 easy steps. Making your own indoor herb garden can give you a very fulfilled filling, where you can be rewarded with fresh and clean herbs all-year round, which you and your family can surely enjoy. An indoor herb garden will not just be able to provide you with fresh herbs all-year round, it can also make the ambiance inside your house to be fresher and more stylish. Believe me, once you have started making your own indoor herb garden, you will never want to stop indoor gardening.

Do It Yourself Indoor Herb Garden

Mini Indoor Herb Garden

Before talking about the 5 easy steps in making an indoor herb garden, you should have all the necessary and right materials and an area where you will place your indoor herb garden. An indoor herb garden usually uses containers. That is why, finding the right kind and right size of container/s is the most important thing in making an indoor herb garden.

5 Easy Steps Making an Indoor Herb Garden

  1. The very first step in making an indoor herb garden is finding a good area where natural sunlight can reach for at least 5 to 6 hours per day. Placing your indoor herb garden in the eastern or western area in the house can be perfect. It will also be beneficial if you will place your indoor herb garden in the windowsill, so that all your herbs will not just get natural sunlight, it can also receive fresh air from the outside.
  2. Decide on what herbs will you include in your indoor herb garden. You will also have to decide on how you want to start growing your herbs, either from seeds or from seedlings. Seedlings are easier to grow than growing herbs from seeds. Herbs that can easily and properly thrive indoors include parsley, mint, chives, rosemary, winter savory, and thyme.
  3. Find containers that have proper drainage. Drainage is very important in any planting containers, especially for an indoor herb garden. In choosing containers for your indoor herb garden, you will also need to take into consideration its appearance. If you want your indoor herb garden to look stylish and attractive, you can use containers with designs.
  4. Once you already have containers, fill it then with potting soil that is free from insects and other pests. After filling the containers with potting soil, you can now then plant the herbs as deep as one fourth (1/4) inch. After planting the herbs, water the container just enough to make the soil damp.
  5. Never water your indoor herb garden too much. Just keep the soil in your indoor herb garden damp, NOT WET. If you always keep the soil wet, it will just damage the root system of all your roots, and worst, it can rot. You can even water your indoor herb garden once a week or once every 5 days.