Indoor herb garden is a great way to keep all your herbs growing all year round. Any outdoor herb garden will surely not love extreme changes in the temperature, especially during winter season. If you are planning to start your own indoor herb garden and worried about how to properly create an indoor herb garden, then there is nothing to worry about. Anyone can start and make their own indoor herb garden, even with no knowledge about plants and experience about herb gardening. In fact, you will not have to worry about having a very limited space at home, since indoor herb garden does not consume large spaces, and it can even fit in very small spaces. Having your own indoor herb garden is like bringing Mother Nature into your home.

Common Cooking Herbs for Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden with Cooking Herbs

Most people who are fond of cooking, they usually make their own indoor herb garden inside their kitchen for easy access from fresh herbs for cooking. There are a lot of herbs available that have cooking purposes. However, there are several herbs that can be used in most recipes. Herbs that are used commonly should be the herbs to be included in your indoor herb garden, since there can only be a limited space where you can place all your herbs. Here are some herbs that are commonly used in the kitchen:

  • Oregano
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Lavender

Windowsill for Your Indoor Herb Garden

To start your indoor herb garden, you must have a perfect spot where all your herbs can receive adequate amounts of natural sunlight. The best spot for any indoor herb garden is a spot where natural sunlight can reach at least 6 hours per day. In most kitchens, if you are planning of making an indoor herb garden for cooking purposes, there are windowsills found. Placing your indoor herb garden by the windowsill can be beneficial for all your herbs since it is where sunlight can pass through and there is a good air ventilation and circulation.

Starting Planting Herbs for Your Indoor Herb Garden

You can start your indoor herb garden by planting herb seeds. However, starting from seeds can be a complicated thing to do, especially to people who do not have any idea about planting. It is better for beginners to use starter plants that can be bought from a local nursery. Just make sure that all herbs in your indoor herb garden have containers with proper drainage at the bottom so that your herbs would not rot.