Taking good care of an indoor herb garden can be really fun and fulfilling thing to do. However, having an indoor herb garden can also be a hassle, since there are a lot of possible problems that can arise. Such as bug infestation, extreme temperatures, insufficient sunlight exposure, poor air ventilation, and lack or too much moisture. In making an indoor herb garden, you should make sure that all factors that are vital for the survivability of your garden are present all the time.

Sun Exposure for Your Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden by the Windowsill for Sunlight Exposure

Sun exposure is a very important factor for your indoor herb garden to survive and thrive. Placing the indoor garden in an area where natural sunlight can reach for a maximum time is best for all your herbs to receive enough sunlight requirements. Most herbs need at least 6 hours of sunlight exposure in order to survive. In fact, there are also herbs, especially special culinary herbs that need at least 10 hours of sunlight exposure. If your herbs require more sunlight exposure, you can continue the exposure of your indoor herb garden under an artificial light that will act as sunlight.

Indoor Herb Garden Pest Infestation

Ladybug Infestation

Pest infestation can also become a major problem for your indoor herb garden if you do not take precautions. In fact, growing indoor herb garden can help in the reproduction and hatching of eggs, since the temperature indoors are more controlled than the temperature outdoors. If you notice tiny insects crawling or flying around your indoor herb garden, prepare soapy water in a deep bowl. Place your one hand over the base of the herb, trying to support the herb, flip the pot over and dip the herb in the soapy water 3 times. The soapy water will help in getting rid of the eggs and kill the tiny insects without injuring the herb. If flipping the herb is upside down is not possible, spray soapy water in all parts of the herbs, making sure the undersides of all the leaves are not missed.

Indoor Herb Garden Molds

Mold Growth

The major cause why molds can grow in your indoor herb garden is poor air ventilation that can cause prolonged moisture. Making sure that the air circulating inside your house is always new and fresh, open all windows and install exhaust fans if possible. Ensuring proper spacing between herbs in your indoor herb garden can also help in ensuring proper circulation of air.