Get A Healthy Living With Indoor Herb Garden!

It is possible for everyone to build an indoor herb garden, regardless to any location type. Having an indoor herb garden gives several benefits and that is why; day by day people are taking interest in it. The entire process is very simple and does not require any deep home renovation. Moreover, you can take benefits of indoor herb garden, living in a high floor of a building apartment through a window.  The best direction of an ideal window for this purpose is south or west. Therefore, get a perfect window to any of these directions and provide sufficient sun light to the herbs of your indoor garden.

Terracotta Pots Are the Best Option For Indoor Herb Garden

These days, mostly people live in apartments and these apartments are not that big in size. In that case, developing an indoor herb garden becomes challenging job for many; however it is possible with terracotta indoor herb garden pots. Use terracotta pots and start your own indoor herb garden even in a small size apartment, and for that you just need to have a sunny window. Keep your terracotta herb pots in that sunny place and believe me, this would work greatly.

Terracotta Pots For Apartment

The Best Herb Options To Grow In An Indoor Herb Garden

Well, there is no strict guideline for growing various herbs in an indoor herb garden, but you can choose herbs as per your own interest. Whatever herb you like, you can get it in your small garden. Still if you want some instant options then we will recommend you to start with mint, rosemary and thyme. These plants can easily be bought from greenhouse or florist. Nowadays, several supermarkets also keep these plants with them. To grow plants in perfect way, you should add peat, perlite and vermiculite and it will help your plants to grow quickly and properly.

Benefits of Having an Indoor Herb Garden

Like other conventional gardens, a small indoor herb garden has several benefits. Growing plants of various spices, vegetables etc that you generally use in your kitchen regularly can enhance your food taste. In comparison to other herbs available in a grocery store, the taste of herbs grown in your own indoor herb garden is genuinely more tasty and healthy. Cooking food with these herbs can enhance your overall food and its taste. In addition to provide unbeatable taste, these herbs are highly inexpensive in comparison to grocery stores. Buying herbs from market or any store will charge you lots of price whereas you would not get fresh herbs.

Indoor Herb Garden Helpful Tips

For indoor gardening the best option is to use terracotta herb pots as it has proved the best option so far. But for complete growth of the plants, you must mix fungal and bacterial mixture in your potting mix. In starting, you can use seeds and in market, you can find a great variety of seeds easily. From these seeds variety, you can choose any as per your herbs requirement. The best idea for perfect planting is to follow the direction mentioned on the seed packet. So, get these ideas and have your own green and healthy indoor herb garden now.