There are several different types of hanging basket liners that can be used in for various hanging basket gardens, such as angel moss, wood fiber, and coconut liner. In coconut liner, people who do not have any idea about hanging basket gardening think that the actual coconut husk is used as the hanging basket liner, but in fact, it is not the actual coconut husk. The coconut liner is actually made from the “coir”, the fibers found between the inner coconut husk and the coconut shell. Coconut liners are not expensive and in fact, they are also environment friendly, since they are very abundant in the tropics. Coconut liners are very good in holding the soil and other components of the hanging basket and it is also very good in getting rid of excess water in the hanging basket herb garden or any other hanging basket gardens.

How to Water Coconut Liners?

Coconut Liner with Plastic Lining

As mentioned, coconut liners can get rid of excess water very well. That is why, it is very important for any gardener who is using the coconut liner to know when is the right time to water the coconut liner, for all its herbs to gain the most benefits from it. Here are some tips on how to properly water your hanging basket with a coconut liner.

  1. Before I go to the watering tips of your hanging basket using coconut liner, you can place a plastic lining that fits your hanging basket. Punch small holes to your plastic, for the plastic will act as a barrier of very fast evaporation at the bottom and sides of your hanging basket.
  2. And once you have done the plastic barrier, place the coconut liner, fill the coconut liner with potting soil, and transfer all your herbs or plants designated to be planted on that certain hanging basket. After doing which, you can now hang your hanging basket at its designated spot where it can receive enough sunlight and air ventilation for healthy growth.
  3. Once hanged, you can now start watering your hanging basket with the coconut liner. You have to keep watering slowly until water will start to drain at the bottom of the hanging basket. Stopping when water starts to drain at the bottom can ensure that the water has reached the roots of your herbs or plants, which can be most beneficial.
  4. You will have to check for the soil moisture every single day by touching or feeling the soil. If you think that the soil is already dry, water your hanging basket with coconut liner just how you watered it the first time (refer to step 3).