Having your own indoor herb garden can really be beneficial to you and your whole family. However, having an indoor herb garden can also be a start for the rise of various and numerous problems, such as no proper and enough sunlight exposure. Sunlight exposure is very vital in the growth and survivability of your entire indoor herb garden. However, not everyone and everywhere can have a right access to sunlight. That is why, there are artificial lights available for everyone to use. Artificial lights can give indoor herb gardens with their needed light supply for them to grow healthily and properly.

Light Characteristics

Growing Herbs under Artificial Light

For herbs and other plants to grow, they need to be exposed under the correct amount of light spectrum, light intensity, and the right amount of duration. When talking about spectrum, spectrum is the shorter blue wavelengths combined with the longer red wavelengths, which then create a white light. And when it comes to light intensity, there will be a wide variations of the light intensity from season to season. Especially during winter seasons, intensity of the light is lesser, which makes it difficult for indoor herb gardens to thrive. And lastly, the light duration, during winter seasons, are way shorter when compared to other seasons.

Artificial Lights

To lengthen the exposure of light and totally expose your entire herb garden, you can use artificial lights. Artificial lights are now commonly used in various indoor gardening. There are many different kinds of artificial lights that can be used in indoor gardening. Here are some of the common and most used artificial lights in various indoor gardening:

  1. Fluorescent Artificial Lighting – when starting your indoor herb garden or any other types of indoor garden from seeds, then fluorescent artificial lighting can be suitable. However, since fluorescent lights tend to scatter, several fluorescent bulbs may be needed and placed quite close to your indoor garden (2 to 4 inches away from your plants.).
  2. High Intensity Discharge Lighting or HID – this type of artificial lighting can supply more blue rays of light just like the amounts present in sunlight. The High intensity discharge lighting can be very beneficial when used in an indoor garden. As a matter of fact, high intensity discharge lighting can even be more effective when compared to fluorescent lightings. However, unlike fluorescent lightings, the high intensity discharge lighting should not be placed very near your indoor garden. It should be placed at least 1 feet to 2 feet above your indoor herb garden or any type of indoor garden.