Disposable Cups Are No More Garbage But Useful

Usually, all of us throw outside the used disposable cups considering it as useless stuff, but after learning so many useful things about disposable cups, you will change your consideration for sure. Vertical garden which are highly demanded subject of today for indoor herb garden can be established by using these trashable cups. A vertical garden is a great way to get garden advantages by people living in high building apartments or flats where there no one can imagine setting a garden up. In a vertical garden, you can make amazing indoor herb garden design by using disposable cups.

Use Disposable Cups As Planting Pots

Collect few used cups at a place and keep these cups in metal holder flexible systems. These pots can be placed in a vertical garden and you can plant small sized herbs in them. It looks quite decorative in a garden. It is an innovative idea of planting. This is a great vertical garden idea in which you can improve environment by reusing disposable cups. The disposable cups made of plastic can put a harmful impact on environment, but if you use them in this way, it will prove the best step for you.

Advantages Of Vertical Garden System

Use Disposable Cups As Planting Pots

A vertical garden system helps to establish a garden in any area in a house whether it is alley around your fence or a balcony. Only the place should get proper sunlight in the day. It is because, sunlight nurtures the plants. This system allows people to grow herbs upward not outward. The vertical garden is an amazing way to supply constant volume of vegetables, fruits or other herbs in your indoor herb garden. Though, there are several unique ideas by which you can start vertical garden, but idea of using disposable cups is quite effective and versatile.

Bring Greenery Around You By A Vertical Garden

To keep your surrounding clean and green, vertical garden is such an efficacious way. It is such a great fun to be involved in gardening. There are several types of systems available in market by which you can easily succeed in achieving your dream of owning a garden around or inside your home. In these systems, naturwall is one of the most effective vertical garden systems. This is a way to create vertical garden by using coffee or tea cups which are disposable.

Bring Naturwall System And Start Gardening Right Away

The naturwall system is entirely based upon disposable cups that one throws outside after using. In this system, these cups are used as planting pots for herbs and it include a metal frame made of aluminum with cup holders. By these holders, you can use pots as hanging garden and it consumes very less space. You can set up these pots on your patio wall and it will give an astonishing look to your indoor herb garden as well.