Try New Delicacies In Winter

Indoor herb garden is a unique gift that you can give your family. In all four seasons, winter season is my favorite one and in this season, I love to try new recipes at my home and share it with my family members. To make different delicacies, it requires different kinds of herbs and thus, sometimes I have to spend lots of money after this hobby. But, gone are those days when buying herb was so expensive because after developing my winter indoor herb garden, I can enjoy my hobby of cooking in such a cost effective way.

Winter Becomes More Enjoyable With An Indoor Herb Garden


Try New Delicacies With Various Herbs

Having a winter indoor herb garden has seriously made my winters more enjoyable than ever. I use this garden to grow different kind of herbs that I use to prepare mouth watering dishes. Using healthy herbs which are grown in my garden are healthier and reliable than herbs available in market. From my experience, I have found that the quality of market herbs are literally bad and causes several health issues as well. But, from my herb garden, I am fully capable to use fresh and tasty herbs that enhance the overall taste of my food.

Proceed With Gathering Materials To Set Up Your Winter Indoor Herb Garden

After knowing my personal view about herb garden, if you too want to set up your own winter indoor herb garden, then you can start with collecting different materials to start gardening. This is the first step wherein you should gather materials like compost, containers, planters and organic seeds. Do remember that you use containers that have bottom holes. Fill compost almost to the top in each pot and also add some egg shells crushed after filling compost in pots. This way, your plants will get required nutrients which are required for proper growth.

Fertilization Is Must For Winter Indoor Herb Garden

Fertilization is necessary element for winter indoor gardening. Plants must be fertilized on daily basis for its quick growth. To fertilize plants, you can use plant spikes which are easily available in gardening stores. Inserting spikes down in soil can release fertilizer. In market, these fertilizers can be found in organic or inorganic form.  From the packet of fertilizer, you can get to know required dosage effective for herbs. You should not exceed or decrease the dosage of fertilizer anyway. By this way, you can develop attractive winter garden inside your home.

Select Appropriate Place Your Winter Indoor Herb Garden

For a prosperous gardening, the selection of garden place has a great significance. You should set up garden in a place where plants can get proper sun light that is must for its growth. In case, you reside at a place where the sun exposure is not enough, then you can go with artificial light as well. This will also work similarly as sun light. Thus, choosing a right place is such a considerable fact for successful indoor herb garden.