Indoor herb garden can really make anyone’s life easier. A lot of people think that growing herbs indoors can be a hard and complicated thing to do. In fact, growing your own indoor herb garden can make the maintenance of your herbs easier, since you can have direct access to your herbs anytime of the day. However, since plants are originally made to be placed outdoors to receive natural sunlight, oxygen, and other natural factors, growing plants inside the house will need constant care and monitoring for all your plants or herbs to survive and thrive.  Herbs can’t only be easily grown outdoors, it can also be grown indoors as your own indoor herb garden.

Why Grow Indoor Herb Garden?

The most common reason why people grow their own indoor herb garden is because of cooking purposes. Usually, herbs found in a person’s indoor herb garden are for cooking herbs. If you love cooking, and you have your own indoor herb garden with fresh herbs, you can easily have fresh herbs to add into any of your recipes in an instant. Aside from cooking purposes, some people also create their own indoor herb garden inside their house for medicinal purposes, decorative purposes, and/or for the herbs’ fragrance. There are a lot of herbs with different colors, that when added to certain places in the house, in can be used as a decorative piece.

Air Ventilation for Indoor Herb Garden

Enough Space Between Herbs Promote Ventilation

Having your own indoor herb garden can arise several problems. However, one of the most common problems of a person with indoor herb garden is the growth of molds. Air ventilation is the major culprit why mold growth can take place. When deciding where to place your indoor herb garden, it is best if you choose a place with proper sunlight and it is well-ventilated. Aside from making sure that all your herbs in your herb garden receive liberal amount of sunlight, your indoor herb garden should also have constant access to fresh air, to prevent mold growth.

Proper Spacing and Ventilation for Indoor Herb Garden

Overcrowding of herbs in one pot or container can be a hindrance for proper air ventilation for all herbs. Placing one herb in a separate pot or container ensures adequate ventilation. If you are using a big container, you can plant several herbs in it, but just make sure that there is enough space in between herbs. After some time, herbs can grow, you can gently trim and thin out the foliage of some of your herbs, to make some space between them, to promote fresh air to circulate around your indoor herb garden.