Liners for a hanging basket garden are very important. Hanging basket liners are used to line the hanging basket and prevent its contents from falling off the ground. There are actually numerous different kinds of hanging basket liners you can choose from. You can even make your own hanging basket liner if you wish to save money from purchasing ready-made hanging basket liners from garden supply stores. Just as long as the hanging basket liner you are going to choose can retain moisture and works just fine together with your herbs in your hanging basket herb garden, then you can surely gain its benefits.

Hanging Basket Coconut Liner

Coconut Liner for your Hanging Basket Herb Garden

Coconut liners are made from the husk of the coconuts off the coconut palm. Coconut liners or fibers are sturdy, which can be perfect for a hanging basket coconut liner. Naturally, coconut liners are dry and light, however, it can be very good in absorbing and retaining moisture, which is very essential in gardening. What makes a coconut liner useful in making hanging basket herb garden is that it can absorb and retain moisture just enough that it can’t cause your herbs’ root systems to get damaged or even rot.

Other Advantages of a Coconut Liner for Your Hanging Basket Herb Garden

Coconut liners are not just good in absorbing and retaining just enough moisture for all your herbs to survive, coconuts are also naturally resistant to various bugs, insects, fungi, and bacteria. You will never go wrong if you will choose to use a coconut liner for your hanging basket herb garden.

How to Use Coconut Liners for Your Hanging Basket Herb Garden

  1. Place the coconut liner inside your hanging basket for measuring. Any excess liner should be torn out or cut out.
  2. Once you are already done measuring your coconut liner for your hanging basket, you will then have to soak it in a dish of warm water and leave it there for at least 3 to 4 hours. Doing so can make the coconut liner absorb the water and increase its size up to 4 times from its original size.
  3. You will then have to remove the soaked coconut liner from the dish and hand squeeze it. Squeezing the coconut liner then placing it the hanging basket can help the coconut liner conform to the exact shape of the hanging basket and help it retain the shape conformed.