Making an indoor herb garden is something not easy to do. Indoor herb garden is more complicated than other people often thought. In order for your indoor herb garden to be successful, you need to provide the right environment where it can provide all your herbs with all important factors for it to survive. In this post, I will provide tips on how to increase your chance of success of the survivability rate of all herbs in your indoor herb garden.

Essential Factors When Planning an Indoor Herb Garden

Since herbs are living things, they still need to have a good source of natural sunlight, good ventilation for oxygen, a little humidity, and a right temperature (not so hot and not so cold temperatures). Even one of the 4 essential factors mentioned will be absent, the herbs in your indoor herb garden will really be affected. With one factor absent, the herbs may not totally die, but it can’t grow as it normally should and it may not be able to bear fruits or vegetables.

Perfect Spot for Your Indoor Herb Garden

Natural sunlight is very important for all types of plants, especially herbs. Then it may be beneficial and important if you choose a spot for your indoor herb garden where natural sunlight can reach every single day. Placing your indoor herb garden near windowsills or openings in your house where natural sunlight passes through is a perfect spot for your indoor herb garden.

Tips Before Setting Up Your Indoor Herb Garden

After you have chosen a spot where you will place your indoor herb garden, you will have to do some preparations first before bringing in the herbs. You have to wash all surfaces clean with soap and water before setting up the indoor herb garden. Also you have to make sure that all pots and equipments you are going to use for the indoor herb garden are clean and free from molds. Never bring in herbs that have signs of mold growth, and in the event that you can notice molds on even a single leaf of your herb, it is best to throw the leaf away or the whole plant, than leaving the infected herb alone and wait for it to contaminate and spread molds to other herbs, which you will have to throw more herbs away. Limiting the number of herbs in your indoor herb garden is also a very important factor to consider, since most indoor herb gardens are small and it is important to give each herb enough space with good lighting for it to survive.