Indoor Herb Gardening

There is nothing more rewarding than growing herbs in your own indoor herb garden. The purpose of the herbs may be varied. It may be planted to give a soothing aroma to your room or to add much-required taste to your food. If you belong to the urban area, where the cities are tightly packed and you have less number of windows for planting herbs indoors, then you can make use of Herb 2 project from FABRIKAAT. This project aims to bring a revolution to indoor herb gardening. The idea here is to utilize the floor space to give you a flexible way to plant your herbs indoor.

Innovative Indoor Herb Garden Project

Herb 2 project primarily has objective to use the floor space by creating an elastic partition wall. The project is based on the folding and bending method. It helps you to plant herbs indoors, even with less light. Herb 2 is an innovative idea of Mariann Hildal from Norway and Milda Liubbinskaite from Lithuania. They have the education degree of Masters of Interior Architecture and Retail Design from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In Milan Design Week, they have presented the indoor herb garden project. It is highly acclaimed and especially concentrates on apartments which are not blessed with enough windows and space.

Structure Of Herb 2

Herb 2 Project For Indoor Herb Garden

The structure of the Herb 2 project for indoor herb garden features of organized cubic shaped partitions made up of pine plywood. Each cubicle contains a weather resistant thermoplastic terrarium. Herb 2, when stationery looks like a stack of similar shaped boxes. However, they are all equipped with a manual pull-up instrument which creates a gap between the strategically-hinged boxes. Every cubicle box can be rotated up to 90 degrees, which is helpful in the ventilation process. This way you can access herbs and experiment different ways to grow them depending upon your taste and also give them a custom design as what you find is suitable.

How Herb 2 Can Help You With Indoor Herb Garden Design?

The elastic partition walls help you to slide in and out cubicle boxes as per required conditions of different herbs. All the cubicles are also attached with the LED lightning which eliminates the worry of keeping the herb plants near windows. Herb 2 project is very creative and you do not have to depend on the availability of windows in your apartment. The cubicle boxed shaped walls also looks very spectacular. Your home decor looks more vivid and beautiful. The herbs in this indoor herb garden idea are grown in special planter bags, which are water resistant. You can just replace the herb bag whenever necessary.

Indoor Herb Garden – Make Your Room Filled With Fresh Aroma Of Herbs

The Herb 2 project for the indoor herb garden with apartments having fewer windows is still yet to be commercialized. It is a future project and sure will be able to bring greenery inside your apartments. Planting herbs indoors is a good way to make your home environment filled with good oxygen. There are many creative ideas for your apartments to help you grow herbs indoors. You can scroll through more articles here, to find out the best ideas for your indoor herb garden.