Bugs and insects are often thought to be pests and a major herb gardening problem, may it be in your indoor herb garden or outdoor herb garden. In fact, garden bugs can easily infest your indoor herb garden, since they can be carried indoors through clothing, by the wind if doors or windows are open, or it may be carried by your dog or cat. If there is a known bug infestation found, gardeners usually opt in using strong and harmful insecticides to get rid of the invaders. Using insecticides for your outdoor herb garden may not be a problem since the insecticide can evaporate in the open air, however, if insecticides are used to an indoor herb garden, insecticide can’t evaporate and may circulate all around the house, which may produce harmful effects to other plants, as well as people living in the house.

Beneficial Insects to Keep Pests at Bay in Your Indoor Herb Garden

To get rid of pests in your indoor herb garden in a less harmful way, there are beneficial bugs or insects that can be used. These beneficial insects treat other insects that are damaging your indoor herb garden as prey, and those beneficial insects can also help in the pollination process. Using beneficial insects can help in letting your herbs grow healthily without using any harmful chemical enhancements.

Beneficial Insects to Attract for Your Indoor Herb Garden


  • Ladybugis one of the most popular and beneficial insect for your indoor herb garden. In fact, ladybugs can also be beneficial for outdoor garden. Ladybugs are best against aphids. In a lifetime of one ladybug, it can eat up to 5,000 aphids, making it 50 to 60 aphids per days. Aside from aphids, ladybugs also eat leaf hoppers and mealy bugs. Some gardeners spray sugar solution to ladybugs to prevent them from flying.


  • Nematodeis another beneficial insect for your indoor herb garden. Nematodes are used for soil applications, since nematodes are a type of microscopic roundworms that attack pests from the inside. Nematodes enter body cavities of other pests to eat it from the inside.

    Praying Mantis

  • Praying Mantis is another beneficial insect for your indoor herb garden. Praying mantis is usually sold by egg casings or as adult bugs. In every egg container, there are about hundreds of eggs that would hatch and search on other insects to feed on. However, praying mantis can also eat other beneficial insects in your indoor herb garden such as ladybugs.