Give Intense Care To Basil For Indoor Herb Garden

Growing Basil in your indoor herb garden requires great effort and special care.  Basil is a plant that needs a particular amount of hydration, nourishment and light to grow and which is hard to provide in an indoor herb garden. That is a reason; one has to apply several sorts of techniques for growing basil indoors. Still some good tips and suggestions can help you to grow basil indoors and get advantage of it.

The Quality Of The Soil Used

Like other plants, basil also thrives with soil and so better growth, you should use quality soil which can perfectly drain. For such soil with drainage quality, you should use soil which does not let water to stand. Therefore, it is advised that don’t use soil available in your garden outside, but if you seriously want to grow basil indoor, and then get coarse textured mix soil that is easily available in market.  In case, you are using dense or heavy kind of soil, then there are chances of having bad drainage. Such thing affects basil growth.

Use Right Types Of Containers Or Pots


To grow basil in your indoor herb garden, there is a big range of pots and containers available to choose from. In these pots, if you choose pots, then it you need more watering to your plants because these pots are porous. However in this kind of pots, the soil remains cooler even in hot environment. In addition to clay pots, there is another container option for plastic containers that can be taken into consideration. These are light in weight and do not cost much. The only drawback of plastic containers is that; it does not stay long.  So, for long lasting and attractive looking containers, you can choose concrete or stone made containers.

The Way To Sow Basil Indoors

Sowing is a crucial factor for planting any herb and when it comes to basil, it is necessary to know that you have to follow a correct way of sowing. Although the process of sowing depends on the type of container you use for planting. Having a long window container requires some seed scattering along the window container length and whenever required, you should thin the weak plants. After the plants grow for one or two inches, then you can dig plants with a spoon in the roots. Using round containers, you should sow seeds in the distance of 1 or two inches. It is necessary to grow basil seeds thinly and should cover with compost or quality soil for 0.5 cm. To keep soil moist, you can use spray bottle and within 7 days, the germination will occur.

Use Artificial Lights To Grow Basil In Your Indoor Herb Garden

Artificial lights are a required element for indoor gardening. It works like sunlight and fulfills the plant’s need for sunlight. For growing basil indoors, artificial lights can work astonishingly. For this purpose, you should use fluorescent form of lights or there are high-intensity artificial lights which are specifically designed for basil. These lights can be purchased from market and you can grow basil at a place where it does not get any exposure of sunlight using these lights.  For the goodwill of your indoor herb garden, you should keep fluorescent lights at the distance of one foot from plants.