Most herbs possess various health benefits that you and your family enjoy, especially if you have your own indoor herb garden at home. You can use fresh herbs as an additional flavoring to any of your recipes and let your family gain its health benefits at the same time. Fresh herbs, as well as commercially dried herbs can be easily bought in any grocery stores. However, buying herbs most of the time will not just cost you money, you will not also know where and how were the herbs grown. Planting your own indoor herb garden will save you a lot of money from buying herbs in grocery stores and you are always sure that the herbs you are using are fresh, clean, and very safe to use for your whole family.

Different Types of Herbs for Your Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

There are two different types of herbs that can be planted in an indoor herb garden, the 1. Annual Herbs and 2. Perennial Herbs. Annual herbs are a type of herbs which need to be planted anew every single year, while perennial herbs are a type of herbs that grow back from their own roots every year. Most gardeners prefer to plant annual herbs into their indoor herb garden, since indoor herb gardens have limited spaces that can’t usually accommodate herbs that grow on their own free will.

Common Annual Herbs found in an Indoor Herb Garden

There are a lot of different kinds of herbs with different uses for an indoor herb garden. Here are some of the most common annual herbs found in an indoor herb garden:

  • Basil is very rich in flavor. Basil can be used in cooking different recipes, such as pasta, roasted chicken, and even for grilling.
  • Chamomile is very well known for its relaxing effects. Chamomile can be taken as a decoction or tea before going to bed, to help in aiding sleepiness.
  • Chives is an herb that smells and tastes like onions. Chives is very famous and delicious when added to sour cream.
  • Parsley is widely used as a garnish in almost all recipes. Parsley is even one of the most common herbs found in an indoor herb garden. This herb is not necessarily an annual herb, but parsley is grown like an annual herb.
  • Aloe Vera is a perfect addition to any indoor herb garden found in the kitchen. Although Aloe Vera has no cooking purposes, it has excellent healing properties. Aloe Vera can easily soothe minor burns, just like those minor burns you get from cooking. Apply directly the gel-like substance inside the Aloe Vera directly to the injured skin, for instant cool and relief. Aloe Vera should always be found in any indoor herb garden.