Indoor Herb Garden Plantation Is Fun

Indoor herb garden is much simpler and easier to do then outdoor herb garden. Outdoor herb plantation requires a lot of hard work and maintenance and you may sometime get tired doing that. Indoor herb garden is very pleasing and easy to maintain. It does not require gardening skills and even if you are a newbie to herbs and their plantation, you can have a success doing it. Indoor herb garden just requires some home plant care and will add beauty to your home interiors. Also, especially in winters you don’t have to run to supermarket and get out of your home to buy herb leaves for your food. You can easily grow herbs like oregano, mint, chives right at your kitchen window.

South Or South-East Faced Window Is Ideal For Indoor Herb Garden

Instruction For Indoor Herb Garden To Grow The Most Commonly Used Kitchen Herbs

Kitchen herbs are the ideal choice for growing indoors by most of the people. These herbs include oregano, chives, mint, thyme and rosemary. These herbs are readily use to add flavor and aroma to the food. You may usually buy these herbs from supermarkets and store them in your refrigerator. But with the following step by step instructions, you would now be able to grab these herbs in your indoor herb garden. You also do not have to spend the money buying expensive herbs from the market as the herb seeds do not cost much as compared to the processed ones.

  • Place your indoor herb garden pots facing the sunny side of your window. Usually a south or southeast facing window is the ideal choice. Make sure that your herb plant gets about 6 hours of sunlight for its effective and efficient growth.
  • You can order the kitchen herb seeds from online stores or buy them from the local nursery. These are easily available and all instructions are written on the packets on how to plant them indoors.
  • For pot, you can make use of any customized container or get one from the market. There are also many indoor herb garden kits available online.
  • Use soilless potting mix; it helps to evade soil-born bugs and diseases. You can get a good potting mix from your local nursery. They will have plenty of good varieties and you can choose which you think is best and does not cost much.
  • Fill the container base with a layer of potting mix and then place the herb seed/plant in the container and gently spread the potting mix around your indoor herb garden plant.
  • Water your herb plant carefully. Make sure the container is getting well drained as herb plants do not grow well in wet soil.
  • Fertilize your indoor herb garden lightly every month.
  • Allow the herb to achieve a sufficient height and then you can pluck fresh herb leaves to add flavor to your food.

This will help you setup a good indoor herb garden. You will have a definite success if you keep the above suggestions in your mind while beginning a herb plantation in your home.

Final Words On Indoor Herb Garden Plantation

Growing an indoor herb garden is very easy. However be careful in choosing the kind of herb you want to grow indoors. Some herbs like basil may not be ideal for growing indoors as it turns bad while kept inside home for a long time. Lastly, make sure the container you use have well drained holes as it is very necessary for the proper growth of your indoor herb garden plantation.