You have to be careful in choosing the right fertilizer for your indoor herb garden. If you see fertilizers advertised on television or somewhere else, you do not have to believe everything they claim about their fertilizer. There are some fertilizers that can damage your indoor herb garden if not used properly. You should always remember that every kind or type of fertilizer works differently and may be beneficial to certain plants and may damage other plants. It is very important for you to choose the right kind of fertilizer for all herbs found in your indoor herb garden can benefit from it.

Water Soluble Type of Fertilizers for Indoor Herb Garden

How to Fertilize an Indoor Herb Garden

There are a lot of different types of fertilizers that can be beneficial to your indoor herb garden. Here are some common types of fertilizer that can be used on indoor herb garden:

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer – This is a type of fertilizer that can be dissolved in water. Water soluble fertilizer can come in granules, which need to be dissolved in water before applying to the soil.
  • Fish Emulsion Fertilizer – Fish emulsion is a type of concentrated fertilizer that needs to be diluted with water before usage.

Applying Fertilizer to Your Indoor Herb Garden

Before applying any type of fertilizer to your indoor herb garden, you have to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly use and apply the fertilizer to plants. Usually, fertilizers can work best when applied once a week to plants.

How to Apply Fertilizers to Your Indoor Herb Garden

The most efficient or effective way to apply fertilizers to your indoor herb garden is to water the soil of your indoor herb garden thoroughly. Once you are done with watering your indoor herb garden, you will then apply or add the fertilizer solution. Watering the soil of your indoor herb garden before applying the fertilizer can help in increasing the absorption of fertilizer.

Maintenance of Your Indoor Herb Garden

Doing a monthly flushing of all your herbs in your indoor herb garden with fresh water can be beneficial in maintaining the health of your indoor herb garden. Flushing your herbs can be done by placing your herbs in a sink and water completely and allow for excess water to drain out. Once you feel that all excess water has drained out, water the soil of your herb completely one more time. Doing that can help in flushing or cleaning soil of your indoor herb garden from salt build up, which can harm your indoor herb garden.