Have Small Space – Get Vertical Indoor Garden Design Idea

In case, you are living in a house where you don’t have enough space for gardening, then get our idea for vertical garden and enjoy indoor herb garden anytime. Pallet vertical garden is an idea by which garden can be established in not only small space but it is quite inexpensive too. Just get a pallet made of wood and turn this wood pallet into your vertical garden. Leaning this wooden pallet against a wall, you can immediately start gardening indoors. Such garden is ideal for small balcony, porch or any other place wherever you like.

Pallets Are Bringing Revolution To Gardening World

Indeed, pallets today are rapidly getting more and more popularity in masses. People who have never been expected to get a garden in areas, pallets have given ways for gardening to them as well. It is big micro-trend of indoor herb garden. It looks gorgeous and here, you can grow various herbs in managed way. However, this idea is new one. When setting up a vertical garden in a balcony, it will surely give you great pleasure. The way to maintain garden plants and herbs in this garden is very convenient. So, give it a try and see how interesting garden can be.

Starting With Pallet Garden 

Pallet Into A Vertical Herb Garden

If you are up for a pallet garden, then your first step should be to find a good pallet for your indoor herb garden. You can get it from supermarket or any other store easily in the market. Just roam around and try to find out the best deal when purchasing pallet for your garden. The pallet does not smell, so don’t be squeamish. The quality wood matters a lot when considering a good pallet. The pallet you choose should be in fine condition, free of rotting, no nails etc.

Get All The Supplies For Your Vertical Garden

To start your vertical garden with pallet, you should get all required supplies. In supplies, you should consider potting soil for 2 big bags, annual flowers in 6 packs, Staples, sand paper, Staple gun and a mini roll for landscape fabric. After getting all supplies at a place, you can move to stapling process. For this procedure, you have to decide bottom side of pallet garden and also the side which will lean over the wall. Using landscape fabric, you have to cover back, bottom or other sides of the pallet. While doing so, leave some spaces in slats as well as keep the top uncovered. After that lay it down and roll fabric on the back of the pallet.

Maintenance Required For Your Pallet

When you have completed with your pallet and started vertical garden on it, then next thing which should compulsorily consider is the maintenance of the pallet. The pallet should be left flat over ground by which the plants will grow quickly. Regular watering is essential for pallet. But remember that after watering, dry it out instantly. This way, you will enjoy indoor herb garden in your own home for years.