You do not have to buy a ready-made hanging basket for your indoor herb garden or whatever garden you are planning to make. You can in fact easily make your own hanging basket made of sphagnum moss. Many people choose to use hanging baskets for gardening because hanging baskets can provide more colors and decorative details to anywhere it is hanged, and watering and trimming tips of your plants are easier to do. Hanging baskets are also perfect for homes with very limited space or no garden space at all. Just find a sturdy spot where you can hang a hanging basket, plan on what plants to plant, and voila, your very own hanging basket garden.

Steps in Making a Sphagnum Moss Hanging Basket

  1. Make Your Own Sphagnum Moss Hanging Basket.

    Completely soak or submerge the sphagnum moss in a bucket of water until the sphagnum moss is totally saturated. Since sphagnum moss can float when dry, you can place a weight on top of the moss when submerged into the water, to prevent it from floating upwards.

  2. Always remember to wear a pair of plastic gloves when handling the sphagnum moss.
  3. Once the sphagnum moss is totally saturated, gently remove it from the bucket of water and squeeze it to remove excess water.
  4. Get your wire hanging basket and press pieces of soaking wet sphagnum moss around the bottom of the hanging basket. The sphagnum moss should be at least 1.5 inches in depth to 2 inches. Make sure that you are going to press the sphagnum moss very tightly to make sure that the contents of your hanging basket garden later will not leak out from the sphagnum moss.
  5. Once you have tightly pressed the sphagnum moss around the bottom of your wire hanging basket, you can now work your way up until you reach the top-most portion of your hanging basket. Always remember that the thickness of you sphagnum moss at the bottom should be the same with the thickness of your sphagnum moss at the upper portion of your wire hanging basket.
  6. You can now fill your wire hanging basket with sphagnum moss with potting soil. Make sure that you are not going to overfill your hanging basket with potting soil. You can stop filling potting soil at least ½ inch from the opening of your hanging basket. Once you are done with the potting soil, you can now start transferring your plants to your basket and hang your basket at your desired location.