Starting Off With An Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs, used raw in salad or cooked with the meal add taste to the food and when they are used fresh picking directly from an indoor herb garden it multiplies it appearance in a dish. An indoor herb garden in your kitchen marks its presence every minute. When you enter into your kitchen early in the morning and the aroma of the fresh herb hit your nose you feel more energized and accept a new day with more vigor. Applying a little artistic approach also add a beautiful accent to your home decor.

Creating An Indoor Herb Garden Is A Dedicated Task

If you have an indoor herb garden at your home you alone know the hard work behind this tasteful artistic beauty at the corner of your house that attracts visitor’s attraction. Starting with the selection of the plants to finally feeding and watering it every season to give it a final shape is a dedicated task. A single mistake might destroy entire efforts that you had been putting for months visualizing your dream into reality. Formulating the soil to making proper arrangements of the light, everything needs especial attention to achieve a successful indoor herb garden at your home.

How Often You Water Your Indoor Herb Garden

Watering Globes

Watering the plant is an important aspect of indoor herb garden. Water keeps the plants cool and hydrated but overwatering cause damage to the plant. When you over water a plant its roots begin to rot and it also affects the growth of its leaves and stems. The good thing about the herbs is that most of them thrive in the same amount of water but exceptions are also there. When you purchase seeds read the seed’s package carefully and if instructions says that the herb requires extra care place that herb in a separate pot. You can also mark that pot with some good quotes so that you will keep reminded that the herb has to be treated with extra care.

Water Globe To Water Your Small Indoor Herb Garden

While you water your indoor herb garden you always look for some good technique that could help you with watering your herb garden in a more precise way. Among various technique there is one that is most appreciated by the new gardeners, the water globe technique. Water globes look similar to an ornamental ball. These colored glass balls have a long spike attached to them makes these beautiful ball functional. Fill the water globes with water and press them into the soil near the plant so that water slowly leaks into the soil as and when needed. These water globes are perfect for an indoor herb garden because they keep each container perfectly watered without fail.

Indoor Herb Garden: Group Herbs With The Same Watering Requirements

May you water your indoor herb garden with water globe or with other technique make sure that you have grouped the herbs according to their watering needs. If they are not arranged herbs properly in your indoor herb garden you may find a rosemary plant overwatered and a mint plant least moist than its need.