If you have limited space at home, and you are very much interested in having your own indoor herb garden, then you can actually make one. You can grow herbs in a hanging basket that can be attached in any part of your ceiling at home, most preferably in the veranda or balcony. Growing herbs in a hanging basket will not just give you a year-round supply of fresh herbs that you and your whole family can gain health benefits from, herbs in a hanging basket can help in making the atmosphere fresh and can help in making your balcony or veranda better looking.

Herbs for Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket

There are a lot of different herbs that can easily thrive when planted in an indoor herb garden. However, when you grow herbs in a hanging basket, not all herbs that can easily thrive in an indoor herb garden can thrive in a hanging basket. When choosing herbs for your hanging basket, it may be best if you will pick herbs that are leafy, light, and have shallow root systems, such as basil, sage, and parsley.

Easy Steps in Making an Herb Hanging Basket

  1. Secure yourself with a hanging basket and a sturdy metal or solid plastic bracket arm. It will be better if you use a bracket arm that is large enough, to make sure that it can carry the weight of the basket with soil and herbs later on.
  2. Once you have the hanging basket ready, you will then have to fill it with light compost. A handful of perlite and fertilizer can also be added to the light compost to provide herbs with important nutrients for growth. Once the hanging basket is properly filled with potting soil, you can set it aside for the meantime.
  3. Find a location that can have direct access to natural sunlight for at least 5 hours per day. And once you find a perfect location, securely screw the bracket arm into the wall. Make sure that the bracket arm is attached to a sturdy wall or ceiling, since the hanging basket will become heavy once there will be soil, water, and herbs inside it.
  4. You can now start planting seeds or seedling into your hanging basket. Once you are done planting, sprinkle it with not too much water and check whether the basket drains water properly. If your basket does not drain water properly, you can prick small holes at the bottom of the hanging basket.
  5. After checking everything, you can now then hang your herb hanging basket into the bracket arm. Water your herb hanging basket as needed. Try to check the soil everyday for moisture. Soil should not be wet, to prevent the root systems of your herbs to rot.