Common knowledge of most people about having an indoor herb garden is only for cooking purposes. In fact, there are a lot of many different reasons why people with indoor herb garden decided in bringing and planting their herbs indoors. Indoor herb garden is not only limited to be grown inside your house, it can also be done in the office, just as long you do not over do it and it is not against any existing rules in your office. Indoor herb garden can be aromatic, which can keep the air inside to be consistently smelling fresh, and indoor herb garden can also be a great addition to your decorations, which can give any room a better feel.

Perfect Areas for Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden requires proper and regular exposure to natural sunlight for it to grow and survive. The most usual spot for an indoor herb garden is on the windowsill. Windowsills are the best spots where natural sunlight can pass through, especially when windowsills are facing South or East directions. Most herbs in any indoor herb garden require receiving at least 6 hours of natural sunlight exposure for it to receive its daily requirement of sunlight. However, lots of researches and studies will still be needed about the exact daily requirement of each individual herb’s. But having proper lighting and a good humidity indoors are two of the most important factors that can help any indoor herb garden thrive and survive.

Many Uses of Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden found inside the kitchen are mostly cooking herbs. For people who love cooking, they always find indoor herb garden to be very useful in improving their food’s taste and in making their lives easier. Aside from indoor herb garden found inside the kitchen for cooking, there are also a lot of people who place their indoor herb garden all throughout the house, such as the living room, bedroom, receiving area, dining room, etc. Indoor herb garden consisting of different herbs with different colors and sizes can be perfect as an addition to any decorations in any rooms and it can even add relaxing aromas all over your house.

Indoor Herb Garden due to Limited Outdoor Space

Due to the current economy’s status and the shrinkage of current land areas, there is usually no available space for outdoor herb garden. That is why, people with limited outdoor space place indoor herb garden. Indoor herb garden is not only a solution for limited spaces, indoor herb garden can also be a solution for people who are busy that do not always have the time to maintain their garden.